Casual Yet Contemporary Farmhouse By Design Shop Interiors

There are few architectural fantasies dreamier than the idea of living in a gorgeous modern farmhouse out in the country. For a few lucky homeowners, the talented team behind Design Shop Interiors was recently able to transform that dream into a reality! The inspiration, says Sacramento-area designer and Design Shop owner Leyla Jaworski, was to remain true to the structure’s roots as a farm property, while putting their own signature spin on the finished home so that it felt far from typical. “The home is a real farmhouse on five acres in the country,” says Leyla, “and [the clients] were looking to us to turn it into their Joanna Gaines-inspired dream home.”

A two-phase project first tackled an extensive renovation on the house with Leyla as lead designer, then a furniture and styling phase with Design Shop’s Whitney Fecteau as lead designer. The overall aesthetic needed to be casual yet high contrast and contemporary to fit the clients’ vision, while embracing some of the home’s unique qualities. The designers incorporated elements such as an existing rustic wood stove that felt anything but modern, as well as the gorgeous views of the home’s surrounding five acres. “I was really inspired by the stunning views out of every window and wanted to bring some of that nature inside,” says Whitney.

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“This is a casual family that didn’t have a need for a formal space. We wanted to get the walls open and really make every room usable for the family.”  — Design Shop Interiors

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Opening up a major wall in the renovation phase allowed the design team to re-imagine the existing spaces, creating a brighter, airier living area. The basic black-and-white palette left plenty of room for the designers to warm things up with some well-placed natural elements such as rattan and wicker, fresh greenery, and plenty of stacked firewood. The stark contrast between black and white is softened by abundant layers of cozy textiles, from upholstery to casual rugs and throw pillows. Later this year, Design Shop will resume the next phase of the project, incorporating the guest bath, laundry and mudroom into the modern farmhouse aesthetic.

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“I love that dramatic floor-to-ceiling black tile. I’ve never had to design around a wood stove before and being in the corner, it kind of felt weird and off-balance. I selected the black tile so the stove would kind of disappear against it, but it ended up creating this dramatic effect against all the white and I love it. The firewood box Whitney designed in the opposite corner perfectly balanced it.” — Leyla Jaworski

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“I love the custom wood box I designed with local craftsman Tim Arthur of Arthur Millworks. I like how it balances the the wood stove in the room and adds a natural element with the stored wood pieces.”  — Whitney Fecteau

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Design Challenges

Since the home’s original layout left the dining room and formal living room separated from the kitchen with a wall, the designers’ main goal was open up the house as much as possible. At the same time, they struggled to overcome the logistics of the home’s original family room. The walls of the family room were already crowded with two sets of large glass doors, a central window, and a wood stove in the corner, which left no real options for television placement. Their solution? Rethink the room’s identities, redesigning the room that had been the formal living room to serve as the new family room, complete with television. “This is a casual family that didn’t have a need for a formal space,” explain the designers. “We wanted to get the walls open and really make every room off the kitchen usable for the family.” Getting the clients to rethink the rooms was a bit of a challenge, but once they saw how open the room was with the wall removed, they realized it made an ideal family space.

Featured Products:

Sofas, Leather chairs, Striped swivel chairs, Ottoman: Rowe Furniture

Coffee table: Dovetail

White shelf end tables, Round end table: Noir

Striped jute rug, Large natural fiber rug: Jaipur Living

White shag rug: HRI

Bar cart, Black bench, Rattan stools: Four Hands

Custom wood box: Arthur Millworks

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