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Best of the West | July 2019

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Don’t miss one of the highlights of market season, as our partnership with Las Vegas Market continues this July with the Best of the West program. We’re featuring an all new curated collection of designers and trendsetters that represent the “Best of the West.” Want to be inspired with tips on what styles West Coast designers are loving right now, which color palettes they can’t get enough of, and what new products they’ll be scouting at market? Get all the details from the Best of the West! We hope you’ll join us for our featured event, the Best of the West in Design panel discussion on Sunday, July 28th. Check out our lineup of panelists below, and read more about their views on West Coast style over on Las Vegas Market’s blog.


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Nathan Turner

Nathan Turner

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Gatehouse No. 1

Stephanie Holdaway

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IBB Design

Shay Geyer

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Erica Bryen Design

Erica Bryen

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Eye for Pretty

Nicole Salceda

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Pom Pom at Home

Hilde Leiaghat

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Congratulations to this season’s Best of the West!

It’s here and better than ever! You won’t want to miss our guide to the BEST of West Coast design and photography. Meet up with us at market and pick up a copy. Not attending Las Vegas Market? Click below to flip through the digital guide.

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Want to be featured in our Guide to the Best of the West? Contact us to apply to have your designs highlighted. Send us a message here for opportunities to showcase your brand or showroom.

Best of the West | January 2019

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Always a highlight at market, our partnership with Las Vegas Market continues this January with the Best of the West program featuring a brand new curated collection of designers and trendsetters that represent the “Best of the West.” Want to know what colors West Coast designers are craving, what styles they’re scouting, and what materials they’ve got their eye on for next season? Get the scoop from the Best of the West! We hope you’ll join us for our featured event, the Best of the West in Design panel discussion, taking place on Monday, January 28th. See our lineup of panelists below, and read about their takes on West Coast style over on Las Vegas Market’s blog.


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Kelli Lamb

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Laura Umansky

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Wendy Blackband

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Amy Bartlam

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Lexi Westergard

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Lindsey Borchard

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See more from our Winter 2019 Style File

Welcome to the winter 2019 edition of the Style File, a design resource dedicated to our favorite trends, tips and stylemakers to watch as we head into 2019 and beyond. Click below to discover the Winter Edition of the REstyle File, your digital pocket guide that’s all about style.

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Shop the Show | July 2018

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Ready to find out what happens when six leading lifestyle influencers descend on AmericasMart Atlanta for their first to-the-trade market experience? Design tastemakers Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of The Home Edit, Julia & Chris Marcum of Chris Loves Julia, Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House That Lars Built, and designer-turned-author Orlando Soria were invited to Atlanta this July for the inaugural Shop the Show program at AmericasMart, and the results were nothing short of magic! As always, the REstyle team had an insider’s VIP pass to this summer’s events; read on for a sneak peek behind the scenes of all things #ShoptheShowATL!

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Festivities kicked off Friday, July 13th at the Shop the Show Soiree, where guests were invited to mix and mingle with the influencers at a floor-wide cocktail party. The evening included music, giveaways, cocktails and light bites at all participating showrooms, plus interactive experiences led by the special guests throughout the etúHOME by Europe2You showroom. Clea & Joanna hosted a champagne toast, while Orlando offered signed copies of his recent book Get It Together! as well as a giveaway of five of his pieces of original artwork. Chris & Julia treated guests to a help-yourself candy bar, and Brittany hosted a book signing as well as a fun “House That Lars Built”-style DIY paper craft–brooches shaped like summery lemons and cheerful rainbows adorned every lapel in the house that evening!

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On Saturday, July 14th, the Shop the Show influencers took to the AmericasMart Main Stage for a lively conversation moderated by Dennis Scully, Business of Home (formerly Editor at Large) contributing editor. Pulling back the curtain on their business inspiration, social media strategy, and feelings on their first-time market experiences, the influencers gave guests the inside scoop on how they planned to zero in on fabulous finds, killer products and hot trends for the next season and beyond.


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Joanna Teplin & Clea Shearer

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Brittany Watson Jepsen

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Julia & Chris Marcum

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Orlando Soria


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Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin described their first trip to market as positively overwhelming, as the two self-described minimalists came with a plan in mind but were soon “roaming every floor, trying to get everything!” The Home Edit duo scouted out looks for their personal projects as well as their celebrity clients, making stops at etúHOME by Europe2You, Karen Alweil Studio, Jaipur Living, Cat Studio and more. Clea loved the modern reclaimed log stools and cutting boards from etúHOME, while Joanna cozied up to a snuggly cotton/linen throw from Hamamlique at Karen Alweil and the uniquely embroidered pillows at Cat Studio.

“If you don’t enjoy or use it, get rid of it, and you’ll find yourself with the things that you love in your home. Just edit it out—it’s magic how it’ll make you feel!” — Clea & Joanna on organizing

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Chris and Julia Marcum were on the hunt for furnishings with a sleek, modern Western vibe; a few of their favorite finds in this “updated cabin” style included a rustic dining table at etúHOME, leather and steel rocking chair from BIDK Home, fur accents, animal pillows and a tripod lamp from Accents De Ville. A few standout accessory finds included handmade ceramic dishes at Montes Doggett, a canvas and leather ottoman from North American Country Home, and forest-inspired candles from Rosy Rings.

“It’s endless. You turn the corner, there’s something for everyone…even something that someone is making by hand right in front of you. It’s amazing!” — Chris Marcum, on the C&J team’s first trip to market

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Brittany Watson Jepsen fell in love with the natural finishes and farmhouse-inspired style at etúHOME by Europe2You, including one antique wooden pendulum clock in particular. She also scouted the sweetest luxury baby items from Nella Pima and petite pastel children’s suitcases from Olli Ella at Karen Alweil Studio.

“I believe if you live with beautiful things you’ll live a more thoughtful and intentional life.” — Brittany

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Orlando Soria described his first trade market experience as both “eye-opening” and “life-changing,” having found so many things he never knew his projects needed. The seasoned designer has an especially keen eye for the unique artwork needed to pull a design project together; some of his standout finds at market included large scale black geometric artwork at Leftbank, as well as gestural brushstroke portraits at etúHOME by Europe2You, all guaranteed to make walls pop with monochromatic style.

“Quality over quantity. If I don’t have something I am super passionate about, I don’t want to share it.” — Orlando on what he shares via social media

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Preview the Pop-Ups

Experience shopping at the country’s leading home, gift and lifestyle marketplace like never before! Introducing Shop the Show for July Market, your Style Guide of favorite finds expertly curated by leading lifestyle influencers. Retailers, designers and home décor lovers can shop the show like an expert with this fresh twist on the Market experience—zeroing in on fabulous finds, products and the hottest trends for next season and beyond!

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In Living Color

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Influencing the Next Wave of Design

In partnership with AmericasMart, Flower magazine and the Pantone Color Institute, REstyleSOURCE is looking boldly ahead for 2018. On January 12th, we’re unveiling an expertly curated Vignette Gallery where interior and floral designers explore their shared vision. Showcasing color direction through multiple trend palettes, see the PANTONEVIEW® Home + Interiors 2018 Color Forecast brought to life at AmericasMart!

2018 Pantone Color Forecast Palettes









Want to learn more? Check out
Visiting in person? Stop by Building 1, Floor 14, 14-D-9

@AmericasMartATL | #InLivingColorAtlMkt

Artful Accents

1. Terra-Cotta Vases, Aqua – Creative Co-Op, 2. Cotton Vintage Kantha Quilt Lumbar Pillow – Creative Co?Op, 3. Succulent 9” – Gold Eagle USA, 4. Bamboo and Rope Chair – Creative Co-Op, 5. Resin Urn – Distressed Aqua Blue Finish – Creative Co-Op, 6. Stoneware Hanging Planter – Creative Co-Op, 7. Tea Tree Branch – Creative Co-Op, 8. Floral Decorative Paper – Creative Co-Op, 9. Glass Bottle, Sea Glass Green – Creative Co-Op, 10. Chandelier with 3 Lights – Creative Co-Op, 11. Wood and MDF Cabinet with 3 Drawers – Creative Co-Op, 12. Oval Hand-Woven Jute Rug – Creative Co-Op, 13. Sq Cotton Vintage Kantha Quilt Pillow – Creative Co-Op, 14. Terra Cotta Vases w/ Stripes – Creative Co-Op, 15. Mongolian Lamb Fur Rug, Grey – Creative Co-Op, 16. Glass Bottles – Creative Co-Op

Texture and Touch

1. Hagi 7.25”H Cachepot – Gold Leaf Design Group, 2. Wildgrass, 27” – SARO, 3. Amina Trays – Made Goods, 4. Blush Violage Watermark Collection – Thibaut Designs, 5. Mercury Library – BOBO Intriguing Objects, 6. Conjunction I, 39”x49” – Shadow Catchers, Inc., 7. Wolf Side Table – Oly Studio, 8. Origami Paper Lamps – Gold Leaf Design Group, 9. Naomi Chair – Mr. Brown, 10. Jonathan Bench – Oly Studio, 11. AOS05 – Asos Rug, 5’x8’ – Jaipur Living, 12. Otemanu Pillow, 16”x24” –”>Dransfield & Ross, 13. 20” Dolomite Pillow –”>Dransfield & Ross, 14. Vortex Vases – Gold Leaf Design Group, 15. Jettson Throw – Alicia Adams Alpaca, 16. Bella Figure of a Woman – Mr. Brown

Retro Chic

1. Kelly Bench – Taylor Burke Home, 2. Blue Garden Candle – Nest Fragrances, 3. Spencer – Small Scale Collection – Thibaut Designs, 4. Areca Palm, Small – Gold Eagle USA, 5. Structure and Form #9 SHH – Lucky Fish Gallery, 6. Leather Romantic Chandelier – Ngala Trading, 7. Hollings Chair – Taylor Burke Home, 8. Vole Rug – Auskin Sheepskin Company, 9. Lifestyle Planter, 16”x16” – Accent Decor, 10. Evie Sunset Pillow – Piper Collection, 11. Brass Rivet Stool – Taylor Burke Home, 12. Valentino – Mirabilia Romae – Assouline Publishing

A Stroke of Luxe

1. Chloe European Pillow –”>Lili Alessandra, 2. Queen Duvet – The Pillow Bar, 3. Shimmer Pillow – Jaipur Living, 4. 18” Malibu Chandelier – RoShamBeaux, 5. Starbright Wallpaper – Thibaut Designs, 6. A Bright Idea – Caracole, 7. MAL03 – Marlowe Rug – Jaipur Living, 8. Caracole Couture Fabric 2502-16CC – Caracole, 9. Dreams Come True – QN – Caracole, 10. Caracole Couture Fabric 8203-16CC – Caracole, 11. Rolling Stone Accent Table – Caracole, 12. Quit Your Metal-ing – Caracole, 13. Shine Votive – Accent Decor, 14. Shagreen Hex Tray –”>Regina Andrew Design, 15. Purple Antique Scripted Parchment Books – E. Lawrence