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Vicki Bolick Atlanta, GA

Interview with Vicki Bolick of The Ace of Space Blog

Welcome to our new series of Designer Spotlights, focusing on the group of top bloggers and designers who will bring to life the Vignette Gallery Exhibition at AmericasMart beginning in July 2017. This summer market, the theme of the exhibition looks ahead to 2018 with the theme “The Great Reset: Redefining How We Live, Design and Do Business.” A select group of creatives will explore four trend forecast themes using their favorite furnishings and accessories sourced from the market. The next of our designers to be featured is…Vicki Bolick! Vicki spent the first half of her career in politics working on Capitol Hill, leaving after thirteen years to pursue her true passion of interior design. She completed her formal education in design, worked at several well-established firms in Atlanta and eventually opened her own practice in 2006. Since 2011, her acclaimed blog The Ace of Space has been a unique platform to share her love of design and belief that “we should always make more room for beauty in our lives.” REstyleSOURCE has all the details on Vicki’s design philosophy, what inspires her, and what market-goers can expect to see from her vignette at AmericasMart Atlanta in July…


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How did you get started in the world of blogging? Which came first for you, blogging or interior design?  I actually started in design first, I went to the Atlanta College of Art and took a few classes finishing at the Vanguard School of Interior Design, and with encouragement from some teachers I pursued Interior Design as a career. I worked for several designers to get experience and then started my own practice. I began The Ace of Space as a way to educate my clients and also gain exposure as a Designer. Then my blog started taking off and I was able to turn it into a full-time job, so many opportunities have come along because of my blog, and it’s given me a chance to carve out a niche for myself. It’s been the best of both worlds and I’m fortunate that I get to follow both of my passions, which are writing and design.

Vicki’s Favorite Quote…”Love of beauty is taste, the creation of beauty is art.”

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

What inspires your creativity?  I think what inspires me most is travel and nature. Seeing the vibrant patterns and colors from the markets of Marrakech to the endless expanse of burnt siennas of the African desert. There are so many patterns, shapes, and colors in nature that it’s truly an endless source of inspiration for me.


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Designer Notes: Inspiration
design matters collage

Take a peek “behind the design” with this Design Matters mood board by Vicki Bolick!

How will your vignette explore the sophisticated modern “Design Matters” theme?   I really wanted to illustrate how reclaimed, recycled and repurposed design can be a source of beauty, through form and material. I took this theme and gave it a twist. There are so many ways that sustainable design can be introduced into a space from wallpapers woven from newspaper, to furniture crafted from plywood products. Several pieces in my vignette were created from waste wood illustrating the beauty of recycled wood products. Form is also a key component of Design Matters, simple shapes and rustic metals, rounded shapes and clean lines paired with mixed materials.

2018 Trends in this Theme

Here are some trends the REstyle team has been tracking that we can’t wait to see expressed in this theme:

  • Upcycled design
  • Soft contours and round edges
  • Industrial references
  • Asymmetry

Photo c/o The Ace of Space Blog

Vicki’s Must-See AmericasMart Showrooms

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CODARUS  |  Currey & Company  |  Made Goods  |  Bobo Intriguing Objects

Designer Tips on shopping the market?

“In order to have a successful market, make sure you have a plan of action and pace yourself. You may have ten showrooms scheduled to visit and then only make half that number if you spend too much time in a few. Be familiar with the floor plans and showroom locations, even as a veteran it’s still easy to get lost when during market. And always leave time to attend some of the market events, AmericasMart always has great lineups!”

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Photo c/o The Ace of Space Blog

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Finally, any style or entertaining tips for us?

Layer your home in history, your home should tell the story of who lives there. I think that it’s important to breathe life into an interior by blending old with new, adding personal effects whether it’s mementos from travels or cherished “objets d’ art.” Surround yourself with objects that have meaning even if you have newer pieces of furniture an interior becomes more interesting if it reflects the personality of its residents.

The best piece of advice I was given in design school is that “in design there are no rules.” I think once people realize this, designing a home becomes a lot easier….

Photo c/o The Ace of Space Blog

Up Close & Personal with the Designer

 Coffee or Tea? Coffee (I live on caffeine!)  /  Salty or Sweet? Sweet  /  City or Country? Country on weekends, city during the week…  /  Hunt for Antiques or Buy New?  I love the hunt, so antiques!   /  Text or Phone Call? Text me…  /  Cats or Dogs? Both (That’s a hard one!)  


Luxury Hotel or Camping Trip? Luxury Hotel  /    Linen or Silk? Silk  /  Night Owl or Early Riser? Definitely night owl  /   Read the Book or See the Movie? See the movie, and then read the book  /  Home Cooked Meal or Fancy Restaurant? Fancy restaurant!

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