Valentines with Nie Old-fashioned fun

PHOTO: Justin Hackworth


“I’m a big fan of homemade anything, because it just means more to the person who receives it,” says celebrity blogger and REstyleSOURCE contributor Stephanie Nielson, of The NieNie Dialogues. In honor of Valentine’s Day, she threw a card-making party for her daughters using treasures from local stores and invited us along.
To make their cards, Stephanie and her girls used yarn, twine, and tape to attach fabric and vintage-inspired postcards to paper bags and pretty patterned paper. Stephanie even sewed a few scraps of fabric to paper using her sewing machine. Every year, she likes to help her kids make handmade cards for each person in their class.
“I want my family to feel the love of creating something for someone,” Stephanie says. “I know how much it means to the person who receives it, because I get so much from people who make personal things and send them to me, and I know how much it means to me.”
To see more of Stephanie’s Valentine party, along with sources for all of her beautiful materials, click here.

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PHOTO: Justin Hackworth

PHOTO: Justin Hackworth

PHOTO: Justin Hackworth

“I like the idea that we make holidays a big deal,” Stephanie says. “I mean, why not? It’s a holiday. I want my kids to do this when they’re older. I want them to know how fun it is to celebrate life.”

PHOTO: Justin Hackworth



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