Upcycling Furniture with Chalk Paint®

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PHOTO: Offbeat + Inspired

a time to renew

We love that the coming of Spring not only signifies warmer weather, but also the renewal of all things. Trees begin to sprout new life, daffodils begin to peek through the once snow covered ground, and almost overnight everything becomes green again. Spring-cleaning is underway, and we think there is no better way to celebrate the passing of winter than to renew something of your own!

We are loving this fantastic Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® DIY tutorial from the ever-creative girls at Offbeat+Inspired. This once discarded little cabinet has now been transformed into a show stopping accent piece, which is not only pleasing to look at but functional as well! Whether it is a piece you already own, or a treasure found on the side of the road, we think that there is no time like the present to get your hands a little dirty and tackle this fantastic DIY project! See below for full instructions on how you can create a unique Chalk Paint® masterpiece of your own.

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PHOTO: Offbeat + Inspired

Materials and Tools Needed

  • Chalk Paint® – Barcelona Orange
  • Chalk Paint® – Paris Grey
  • Clear Soft Wax
  • Dark Soft Wax
  • Sandpaper
  • Paintbrush
  • Soft Lint-Free Cloth

  1. Clean your piece. I simply hosed mine off, wiped down any spots the hose missed and let it dry. I also made sure to sand any terribly chipping paint and removed any of the contact paper that was coming loose off the piece.
  2. You don’t have to sand down to the original wood or prime. Woohoo!
  3. Paint your piece. This is the fun part! I used Barcelona Orange on the outside and Paris Grey on the inside and on the cabinet handles. I painted right over the layer of contact paper stuck on the cabinet and the paint worked beautifully! Watch Annie Sloan’s video for some very helpful painting techniques.
  4. Apply Clear Soft Wax. I used a brush to apply it and a clean, lint-free cloth to rub it in and remove the excess wax. As one paint site said, it’s like applying conditioner to your hair. The conditioner absorbs into your hair and then you rinse away the excess. Similarly, the wax is absorbed into the piece and then you can wipe away the excess. Again, the video tutorial does a great job explaining how to do this.
  5. Apply Dark Soft Wax in the same way (if you’re wanting the darkened look). I love how the dark wax gets into the crevices and grains of the piece, giving it a really cool antiqued look. The dark wax also helped soften the orange color a bit. Make sure that you apply the dark wax OVER the clear wax. This way you can wipe off the excess dark wax easily without your piece becoming too dark. Any questions? Yup, you guessed it. Watch the video tutorial.
  6. Gently sand down any spots you wish to give more of a distressed look. I also sanded some paint off the hardware so that the original color showed through the grey paint.
  7. Leave your piece overnight and then buff it with a soft cloth to the desired sheen.
  8. At this point your piece is done EXCEPT for one thing – it needs to cure, which takes about 30 days. Your piece can still be used during this curing time. However, until the wax cures and therefore has its full furniture protecting powers, you’ll just need to be a little more careful about water stains, scratches, etc. The good thing? If you do have any scratches or stains, just reapply the wax to that area to fix it!

PHOTO: Offbeat + Inspired

Lexington, KY

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