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Timeless Appeal


Adding a mirror to a room can transform a space, giving it the illusion of more depth and dimension. This Trumeau Mirror project uses an inexpensive mirror and pieces of wood to create a unique piece inspired by 18th century French decor. Use this ornate mirror to add a sophisticated look to a dressing room or place it in a small room to create a more spacious feel.

Materials and Tools Needed

  • Decorative applique
  • Piece of Plywood
  • Sanding paper
  • Painter’s tape
  • Various pieces of wood
  • Paint
  • Nails
  • Spackle
  • Floor length mirror

  1. Lay your mirror on a piece of plywood. Determine how big you want your overall piece to be, then cut the plywood using a skill saw. I think I cut mine about 20′ bigger on the sides {10″ on each side} and I left around 4″ on the bottom and about 20″ on the top. You can totally play with these numbers to make it the size you’d like.
  2. Then you will need some “swag” or an appliqué. I got this giant swag at a garage sale for $10.00. My piece is rather large so I found a piece of wood that was tall enough to accommodate it. {a 1 x 12 piece of pine} Position it on the plywood, but don’t nail anything down yet.
  3. This is the fun part. I have stacks of old wood in my studio. Bits and pieces, all different sizes, colors, and shapes. Just start playing with different widths etc. The wood can be all different kinds because eventually you will be painting it all. The wood can be old or new, it doesn’t matter. I found some 1/4 round and cut it on 45 degree angles around my 1×12 piece.
  4. Next I started working on the sides. I used 1×4 pieces of mixed woods, cutting the corners on 45 degree angles as well.
  5. Once I had everything laid out and cut to correct lengths, I attached everything with a nail gun. You can nail right through the plastic frame on the mirror. Center your mirror {or wherever you want it to be} and nail that on first. Then work around that with your final pieces. Just be sure to have everything right where you want it before nailing it on.
  6. After you have nailed everything on, you can choose to spackle in some of the holes.
  7. Once the spackle is dry, sand lightly, and sand any rough wood edges as well.
  8. Vacuum or dust off any loose dirt or sawdust, then tape off the mirror.

Steps (CONT.)

  1. Next, pick out your paint colors. Choose a couple colors so that you get that layered look. I chose duck egg blue for the first layer, then coco.
  2. First I painted a coat of the duck egg blue. {LOVE Annie Sloan chalk paint}
  3. Then it got dark out and I stopped taking pictures. BUT, when the blue was dry, I painted on a coat of Coco.
  4. When that dried, I painted a little Annie Sloan Old White on certain pieces of trim, just to make them stand out a bit.
  5. And, the last step is to distress it. Sand the edges and sand down certain spots of the coco to reveal the base color. Finally, I covered the whole piece in Annie Sloan clear wax, then hit the high spots and the edges with the dark wax. It is huge, about 6′ tall and about 3′ wide.

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