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Chef Dominic Rice says the secret to the never-ending buzz at Tipsy Parson Restaurant is this: for three years, everyone who comes through that door has been made to feel welcome.  And customers who feel loved come back.

Rice works closely with Executive Chef and owner Julie Taras Wallach to produce an American contemporary menu with a southern twist. Tipsy Parson takes its name from a classic 150-year-old dessert comprised of almond cake and brandy-soaked fruit. And yes, you can find that on the menu, along with other seasonal temptations like chive biscuits with honeyed butter and seared skate wing with succotash, bacon, and pea shoots.


PHOTO: Melina Hammer

A meal at Tipsy Parson in Chelsea means hush puppies, mac and cheese, shrimp and grits — yes, we know. You’re already converted. For brunch, try mushroom toast. At lunch, there is barbecue pork spoonbread. Dinner means catfish, but also fried pickles.

We’re also inspired by the quirky, fantastic décor — especially that ever-growing collection of John Derian decoupage plates in the back dining room. There’s a lot to admire: vintage mirrors the owners picked up at estate sales, subway tile, and the pews in the front dining room. Don’t miss the library wallpaper.

Tipsy Parson Food

PHOTO: Melina Hammer


PHOTO: Melina Hammer

Try It:

The secret is in the salt. “Use flaky sea salt or kosher salt, but ditch regular table salt” when cooking, says chef Rice. Table salt’s granules are small, making it easy to over-salt food, he says. Sea salt and kosher salt boast larger flakes and a less insistent flavor: more delicate, and more sophisticated. His favorite salt is from Kalustyan’s, a specialty shop in Manhattan favored by many chefs in the city, where you can also find Middle Eastern and Indian specialty goods.

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PHOTO: Melina Hammer

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Melina Hammer is a food and still life photographer, with a little travel and lifestyle thrown into the mix. Her passion is for all things visual, and her penchant for eating well has helped her hone her skills at sourcing, cooking, and styling her gorgeous photographs.

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