Tinsel Trading Company New York, NY

PHOTO: David Mills



Tinsel Trading was established by Marcia Ceppos’ grandfather in 1933. Originally a loft on 36th street in New York City, Tinsel Trading housed metal threads, cords, fringes, and fabrics. “His father was a tailor, so he kind of had garment and thread and everything in his blood,” Ceppos says.
The quaint shop evolved under Ceppos’ expertise. Now, Tinsel Trading offers floor-to-ceiling displays of vintage ribbons, buttons, ornaments, flowers, and just about every trim imaginable.
“All of it includes vintage. So in every category we also have vintage things from the 1930s to the 1950s, and that’s one of the things that makes us special,” Ceppos says. Tinsel Trading remains authentic through her grandfather’s collection. “We have his actual original inventory,” Ceppos says.
Ceppos takes pride in the modern success of her grandfather’s legacy and Tinsel Trading’s resilience in competitive New York. “It’s just me and my employees, and I don’t have big business behind me, no chain store money behind me, and it’s local flavor,” Ceppos says.
She explains that Tinsel Trading offers something no other store has: an overwhelming supply of antique vintage trim and an honest family business. Ceppos gave REstyleSOURCE a look into her whimsical world of antique trimmings. See what she shared in the video and images below.

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PHOTO: David Mills

PHOTO: David Mills

PHOTO: David Mills

PHOTO: David Mills

Ceppos describes the vibe at Tinsel Trading’s visually impressive store. “Overwhelming. Floor to ceiling with visual, with inspiration, with color, with everything you could possibly want if you are a little bit creative,” Ceppos says.

PHOTO: David Mills

PHOTO: Courtesy Tinsel Trading

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