Tillandsia Heart By Gloribell Lebron

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PHOTO: Gloribell Lebron

a different take on Valentine’s by gloribell Lebron

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all pink and red. This holiday, try something different and give a little love to your plants. This is a fun project to give to someone you love, or even keep for yourself! A great alternative to a traditional wreath, these are living pieces of art that look great displayed individually or as a collection on a wall.

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Tillandsia Heart
PHOTO: Gloribell Lebron

  1. To start, all you’ll need is a piece of galvanized steel chicken wire (the size will depend on how big you want your heart to be-mine was an 8″ x 8″), some air plants (aka tillandsias, the ones I used here were from my local plant nursery), and a pair of metal snip pliers (the ones I used are Wiss from Home Depot) to help you with the cutting.
  2. First you’ll need to trace a heart shape on the wire. You can download the pattern here.
  3. After this you can start cutting, but take great precautions to stay clear of accidents. Using the pliers, I cut around the heart, but left out some pieces of metal that I would later twist downward. These pieces will help the heart rise from the background you’ll be placing it on (like little table legs).
  4. Now, you can either leave the heart in its original metal color, or you can choose to spray paint it (imagine it in a neon color!). Either way, you can start placing the air plants in different holes of the wire, making sure to maintain a certain balance.
  5. Take care of the tillandsias by spraying them with water every two weeks and keeping them in bright areas. These are some pointers, but feel free to ask your local nursery for more great tips. Hope you’ve enjoyed this easy tutorial and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Coral Gables, FL

Gloribell Lebron is not only an interior and graphic designer, but also a blogger and a self-taught stylist. Driven by beautiful things and nature, Gloribell find her zen side in all things green. A mother of 3 princesses (her muses) and owner of her own space, I don't know how she does it, where she shares design ideas as well as easy "do-it-your-self" projects. 

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