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Tiffani Thiessen Media Room Design by Kristin Alber

True Hollywood Style

Our Restyle Makeovers are some of the most fun projects to work on, and designing the media room for the home of actress Tiffani Thiessen, star of television and film and soon-to-be host of Dinner at Tiffani’s (premiering February 25th on the Cooking Channel) was no exception. Tiffani loves entertaining guests both on and off the screen, and the media room has become one of her favorite spots in the home for spending quality time with friends and her own growing family. We checked in with Tiffani and with Kristin Alber—cofounder and Creative Director of REstyleSOURCE and Kristin Alber Design—for more details on this fresh, sophisticated yet down-to-earth family living space.

Tiffani Thiessen Media Room | REstyleSOURCE

PHOTO: DustyLuTiffani Thiessen | REstyleSOURCEPHOTO: DustyLu

Kristin Alber: Tiffani was great to work with, our design process was more like play than work! She, and her husband Brady Smith, had already been working on the rest of the house and this was one of the last spaces they had left to finish.


Tiffani Thiessen | REstyleSOURCEPHOTO: DustyLu

REstyleSOURCE: Tiffani, your house has a fairly serious Hollywood pedigree, in that it was once owned by Warner Brothers and has entertained such legendary guests as Marilyn Monroe. Does the Hollywood history of the house enter into the design concept at all, or does it just simply feel like ‘home’ to you now?

TT: It definitely made for another reason why we love this home so much. But I think, having a family now, the home is all about what lies in it. It’s fun, filled with laughter and tons of love! My family and animals are what make our home.

Tiffani Thiessen Collage

 1. LEE Apartment Sofa     2. Lucy Smith Hank Cigar Table     3. Square Feathers Zinc Skyline Pillow     4. Barbara Cosgrove Hi-Hat Accent Table     5. Taylor Burke Home Gregg Park Chair     6. LEE Stratford Gunmetal Fabric     7. LEE Cocktail Ottoman     8. E Lawrence Parchment Series Books     9. Square Feathers Dijon Velvet Grey Pillow     10. Surya Grey Alameda Rug     11. Barbara Cosgrove Dice in Wooden Box

Tiffani Thiessen | REstyleSOURCEPHOTO: DustyLu

REstyleSOURCE: Were there any major challenges in designing for this space?

TT: Sometimes you think designing a space that is big is easy because you have so much space…but it can actually be tough.

KA: We started off our design decisions with color. Tiffani originally thought about painting the whole space grey, but we decided to bring in the charcoal fabrics instead and kept the white woodwork throughout the room. Tiffani was already a fan of the quality and styling of LEE Industries, so it was easy to find pieces that we knew she would love that would work well in the space. We selected a tailored loveseat with soft modern lines in Lucas Grey Fabric and an oversized round ottoman in citron shade Riva Cactus to add some fun. Tiffani feel in love with the LEE white fur poufs in Serengeti Natural, of course… besides looking great, they are perfect for extra seating for little ones.


Tiffani Thiessen | REstyleSOURCEPHOTO: DustyLu

REstyleSOURCE: Were there any particular goals for your home, and for the media room in particular?

TT: The goal was for us to make the room feel comfortable to be able to spend lots of quality time together as a family. Movies, games and lots of cuddle time.


Tiffani Thiessen Media Room | REstyleSOURCE
PHOTO: DustyLu

REstyleSOURCE: There are some amazing custom pieces in this media room that really help to make it your own. When it comes to using absolutely unique, one-of-a-kind pieces like these versus going on the hunt (markets, antique stores, designer showrooms) for that one ‘perfect’ piece that already exists somewhere, which is more exciting to you?

TT: Oh wow, that’s a hard question. They are both exciting because that’s what’s I love about putting a space and room together. The eclectic feeling of it all, the way each piece tells a story.

KA: Tiffani had her heart set on creating a custom oversized piece of furniture that would be great for movie watching and sleepovers. Moss Studio worked with us to create this unique piece, which is now one of Tiffani’s favorites!


Tiffani Thiessen Media Room | REstyleSOURCE
PHOTO: DustyLu

“Tiffani wanted the space to be family friendly, with plenty of space for a family of three (soon to become four!), but also a bit more sophisticated and grown up. Brady and Tiffani also love when their out-of-town relatives and friends come to visit, so having a great space that served as extra room for guests was important.”

-Designer Kristin Alber on the ultimate style + design goals of the home

Tiffani Thiessen Media Room | REstyleSOURCE
PHOTO: DustyLu

REstyleSOURCE: If you had to sum up your design style in three words, what would they be?

TT: Classic, comfy and fun.


Tiffani Thiessen Media Room | REstyleSOURCE
PHOTO: DustyLu

REstyleSOURCE: Does this media room feel like an extension of your style?

TT: Absolutely. Exactly how we envisioned that room. Beautiful, classic and comfortable.

KA: The house itself has such beautiful character, so much natural light, with gorgeous windows and beautiful woodwork. This media room opens right up to their entry and patio, which is so perfect for all of their entertaining.


Tiffani Thiessen Media Room | REstyleSOURCE
PHOTO: DustyLu

Did You Know?

Once owned by Warner Brothers Entertainment, Tiffani Thiessen’s home has hosted several legendary guests over the years, including Marilyn Monroe. 

Tiffani Thiessen | REstyleSOURCEPHOTO: DustyLuTiffani Thiessen | REstyleSOURCEPHOTO: DustyLu

REstyleSOURCE: If you were to pick your top three favorite pieces of furniture/accessories/design elements in the media room, what would they be?

TT: · The Moss Studio couch, because we can all fit in as a family and snuggle and watch a movie together.

· Our LEE Industries white fur poufs, because they add a bit of texture and fun to the room.

· My husband Brady’s painting over the fireplace, because I always love finding the right place for his beautiful art.

KA: There are so many favorites in this room, but I absolutely love that Brady did the painting over the fireplace; it was just perfect! How amazing to have an artist to create whatever you want!


Tiffani Thiessen | REstyleSOURCEPHOTO: DustyLu

REstyleSOURCE: Tiffani, your love of entertaining is pretty inspiring (we can’t wait to start tuning in to Dinner at Tiffani’s on the Cooking Channel)! What’s the most important thing a room needs to have in order to comfortably entertain guests? Any tips or secrets for us?

TT: My number one priority for a room is making the room inviting and comfortable. If it’s not, no one will want to stay or come back. Ha!

When I’m in this space, I feel like home. When my guests are in this space, I want them to feel comfortable in my home. And this space is just that. No one wants to leave.


Tiffani Thiessen | REstyleSOURCEPHOTO: DustyLu

Production: REstyleSOURCE & Good Carma Studios, Photography: Dustylu

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