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Side Table Planter

Add a little greenery

Instead of having a regular side table or night stand with just another drawer to hide clutter in, why not add a little greenery to the mix instead? This brilliant side table planter DIY from Offbeat+Inspired takes an ordinary piece of furniture, and turns it into a miniature indoor garden. While potted plants are always a welcome addition to an indoor space, we think that potted drawers can be a special and unique addition to any room! See below for instructions on how you can create your own extraordinary side table planter!

Side Table Planter DIY | REstyleSOURCE

PHOTO: Offbeat+Inspired

Materials & Tools Needed:


  • Old Side Table
  • Sandpaper
  • Primer
  • Spray Paint
  • Wood Stain
  • Spar Urethane
  • Soil
  • Plant of your choice

Side Table Planter DIY | REstyleSOURCE

PHOTO: Offbeat+Inspired
  1. I started by cleaning off the dirt, grime and bugs. Then I sanded it down, making sure that I had a smooth surface to repaint. I knew I wanted a rustic look, so I didn’t worry about sanding down to the bare wood – I wanted the dark paint to show through a bit in the final project. Word of advice? Get a power sander. I bought a relatively inexpensive one last year ($30-$40) and it has saved me a ton of time and energy.
  2. After sanding, I wiped it down again to make sure I got rid of any residual dust or dirt. Now, on to the priming.
  3. I applied the primer with a brush, but to make the job go a bit faster just use a spray paint primer.
  4. The fun part – adding color! I didn’t want to be blinded by orange, so I painted it on unevenly, making sure that the white primer showed through in some spots.
  5. I still felt like I was staring into the core of the sun. I knew I wanted orange, but it needed something else to tone it down. I very lightly applied some of the medium wood stain all over the table to help darken the orange a bit.
  6. Once everything had dried, I sanded down the sides, corners and a few other spots to make it look worn. I also tried to make sure I sanded where the spray paint was lighter and had caused that speckled paint look.
  7. I wiped off any residue from sanding and sprayed the entire piece with a protective coating of Spar Urethane.
  8. The basket was the easy part. I simply spray painted it and finished it off with its own coat of Spar Urethane protective finish.
  9. I suppose you could just use the drawer of the table for storage, but after seeing some super creative planter ideas, I had to make it into a planter. I added potting soil and pansies, since pansies make good container plants. (I also think it would look great with some type of vine.) The drawer already provided drainage for the soil, so I didn’t have to worry about drilling holes in the bottom of the drawer.


Lexington, KY

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