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Rustic Ranch by Janie Molster Designs

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Janie Molster’s design philosophy? “Even the most sophisticated designs, when handled thoughtfully, should infuse a space with warmth and personality.” The REstyle team thinks you’ll agree, this stunning country home by Janie Molster Designs is true to this philosophy in every sense, and is brimming with life, warmth and unique personality. Designed as a “beloved second home” for clients located in The Homestead Preserve in Warm Springs, Virginia, the inspiration came from previous family vacations. “My clients were inspired by the rustic qualities of a ranch they visit in Wyoming,” explains Janie, “and wanted to bring a similar vibe in their decor. We took that concept and broadened it.” Incorporating plenty of plush upholstery, textiles, warm-toned woodwork and contemporary artwork, this home is a comfortable, stylish year-round getaway for this very active family. We reached out to Janie for more designer notes from this project, as well as sources so that you can shop this look as well!


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Photo: Kip Dawkins

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Designer Notes: Location, Location, Location

The house sits at the top of a knoll and has panoramic views of the Allegheny mountains in Virginia.

It’s a year-round vacation destination for this family, who spend their time snowshoeing and skiing in the winter and hiking and fishing in the warmer months.

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Photos: Kip Dawkins

“In addition to the rustic architecture, animal prints, cowhides, and leathers…we mixed in plush upholstery, vintage Turkish kilims, flocked velvet pillows, and contemporary artwork.”

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Photos: Kip Dawkins

“The challenge was keeping the elements strong enough to stand up to the dramatic timber-framed ceiling construction. The interior furnishings were scaled for visual weight as well as comfort.”

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Photos: Kip Dawkins

JM headshotDesigner Notes: The Perfect Piece

I love the antique Swedish cabinet I found for the living room paired with the stunning stainless steel wall sculpture that hangs above it. We had viewed the sculpture (by acclaimed artist Teresita Fernandez) only in photographs prior to installation. It was total kismet that the blues in the paint finish of the cabinet and the tones in the sculpture are so harmonious.

IMG_1734Photo: Kip Dawkins

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Designer Notes: Art of the Mix

This project successfully reflects one of the goals I have for every project–to achieve enough of a mix to strike a balance. All things show to advantage when they have a counterpart to play off. I worked here to juxtapose the old and new as well as the refined and the rustic. For example, the vibrant abstract painting against the stone mantle or the dining chairs in leather, softened with luxe sheepskins, that surround a carved wood dining table.

Get Inspired by This Look!

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1. Dining Chair  2. Small Hide Ottoman  3. Apartment Sofa  4. Living Room Chair  5. Forest Park Floor Lamp  6. Candelabra

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