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Cover image c/o Emporium Home

What do you see when you look at these images? Inspired by the eponymous inkblot images developed by Hermann Rorschach as personality tests, these voluptuous blots and swirls will add a pschological layer to any space. Do you see a butterfly, a field of flowers, a menacing storm cloud? We just see beautiful tile (like those seen below, Clé Tile‘s ‘Timorous Beasties’ collection in Rorschach vertical and Sphere Stripe), wallcoverings (like the stunning wall installations by Black Crow Studios and colorful wallpaper by Eskayel) and fine art prints. Set your imagination free by exploring these organic, free-form shapes, and discover a new detail inside them every single day! The REstyleSOURCE team of trend spotters has rounded up some Rorschach-based inspiration in the images seen below, as well as a collection of our favorite inkblot artwork & decor, from Emporium Home, The Blush Label, and more of the brands we love! Click to connect with these brands and make a psychological connection with this fascinating trend!


Rorschach ChicPhotos c/o Homelife + Clé TileRorschach ChicPhoto c/o Clé Tile
Rorschach ChicPhoto c/o Black Crow Studios
Rorschach ChicPhotos c/o Soicher MarinRorschach ChicPhoto c/o Four Hands
Rorschach ChicPhotos c/o Eskayel

Rorschach Chic

1. Galapagos Wallpaper  2. Dynasty Cushion  3. Mirror Image Print  4. Isabela Coasters  5. Moth Wallpaper  6. What Do You See (Orange)  7. Orchid Print  8. What Do You See (Black)

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