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Ronda Smith Designs Jewelry Designer

Interview with Jewelry Designer Ronda Smith

What led you into the business?
Ronda Smith: After giving birth to my third child, I was diagnosed with cancer. At the time I was working part time as a graphic designer. During my treatment I was really feeling the itch to be creative. One of my friends with killer taste and ahhhmazing jewelry gave me a bracelet with a religious medallion on it and I loved it so much I was inspired to make myself more! Making bracelets for myself led to making them for friends, which eventually led to boutiques purchasing them.

What is the most meaningful piece of jewelry you own?
RS: The most meaningful piece of jewelry I own I did not make. It’s my wedding ring!

What do you find most challenging about owning and operating a small business?
RS: The biggest challenge in owning my own business is turning it off. Ronda Smith Designs is my baby and I love what I do everyday. Nothing makes me more excited than thinking of where we started and where we are going! Every day I get to feed that artistic side of myself and create something; as an artist, there is nothing better.

PHOTO: c/o Ronda Smith Designs

What Inspires Her Work?

“I find design inspiration everywhere! As an artist, my eye naturally goes towards what makes something beautiful or interesting. Many of my designs were inspired by something I saw that triggered the creative process. I really just look at fashion and my own style. I make things that I would wear and that women feel beautiful and fashionable wearing.” – Ronda Smith

PHOTO: c/o Ronda Smith Designs

What has been the most rewarding thing about owning your business?
RS: This business has been extremely rewarding in so many ways. Because I didn’t “set out” to start a business, it has been a pretty stress-free process. It basically started by accident, so everyday since the first bracelet I sold feels rewarding!

Did you have any formal schooling for jewelry design?
RS: I went to art school and majored in Communication Arts. I have never taken a single jewelry-making class. I learned everything from lots of trial and error and Google! With enough motivation, you can learn how to do all sorts of things from the internet and experimentation!

What makes your jewelry and designs unique to Ronda Smith?
RS: I am often told that RSD has a certain look and that people can easily identify a piece as mine.  I love that the brand has a signature look.  Every piece of jewelry we make is crafted by hand.  We work hard to find unique types of beads, leather, and chain to create pieces we are proud of every day.

“I have always enjoyed being artistic, but I never thought I would make jewelry! Before I stumbled into the jewelry world, I really enjoyed computer graphics. I also loved painting murals. All creativity is good creativity!”

– Ronda Smith

PHOTO: c/o Ronda Smith Designs

If you could see any woman wearing your beautiful designs, who would it be?
RS: Carrie Underwood.

What is a typical day in the office?
RS: There is absolutely not one thing that is “typical” in my office. It’s hard to put into words what my work environment is like. But I’ll try – To say it’s a casual office is an understatement. Anything goes. I’m not just referring to dress code. The girls I get to work with are amazing people; friends and hard workers, and we have a blast working together. Not one day has gone by that I haven’t belly laughed-hard! We make our own hours because we are all moms first.

What was the first piece of jewelry you ever made? How have your designs evolved?
RS: The first piece of jewelry I made was a bracelet. The one strand of beads came from e-bay and I used my husband’s vintage Catholic medals. I started with this basic design; round beads and a religious medal. That was the recipe. It has since evolved into something so much more. Our designs range from detailed bracelets and necklaces to earrings. Every day is a day that we may create our next big thing. That makes what we do so much fun and addicting!

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