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As shoppers increasingly turn towards online shopping, local brick & mortar businesses are finding it harder to compete. That's where REstyleSOURCE comes in:

  • Be listed with the BEST local shops and independent businesses
  • Let us share your story and projects by participating in a shoptalk, city guide or by sharing your design projects.
  • When a shopper near you searches for a product you carry or can order, we direct them to your store
  • We direct shoppers to local business through social media, Influencer Collaborations & Brand Partner Promotions
  • Connect with the hottest brands in the industry, receive show specials, market incentives & invitations to VIP Market Events
  • We'll feature your parties, classes, and other events, driving new customers to your business
  • Get access to hundreds of graphics, videos, tips + tutorials to help you cultivate your social following
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REstyleSOURCE is the national guide to local shops, businesses and restaurants.

Our goal is to reconnect shoppers with the real people and real stores that power our local communities all over the world.

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Promote your business to local shoppers

There are local shoppers looking for a business like yours right now — make sure they can find you with a REstyleSOURCE listing page!

Premier Listing

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Premier Listings give you all the power of a Portfolio Listing, plus the ability to show off all the products you carry (or can order).

Show off your store, highlight your services, and receive messages from prospective customers!

Portfolio Listing

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A Portfolio Listing is perfect for a business that doesn't need to list products online.

Show off your portfolio of work, share shots of your business location, and communicate with followers, manufacturers, and other businesses owners in your community.

Free Listing

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A Free Business Listing Account gets you a simple, no-frills page for your business that shows a single photo, a short description of your business, and your address & contact information.

You won't be able to display products, get reviews, or communicate with followers, and other nearby businesses will be listed on your page.

Find manufacturers & get new product lines

We work with manufacturers on your behalf to bring you specials, exclusives, and marketing support to help your business stay competitive. Browse and find new lines all in one spot!

Premier Partners and Portfolio Partners can search for new designers & manufacturers and check out all the in-demand products they carry.

Premier Partners can display those products in their listing pages and take inquiries about those products from customers.

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LEE Loves Local

Our manufacturer partners take Local Love seriously. Watch this video to learn about how LEE Industries supports the brick + mortar community alongside REstyleSOURCE.

Our business has been blessed graciously through the inner workings of REstyleSOURCE.

We receive constant inquiries all because of REstyleSOURCE. We love that they support Local and constantly keep a steady flow of what's up and coming! We've grown our Vendor Library, all thanks to the intros that REstyleSOURCE has resourced for us. Our Thank YOU, is not big enough! We Love REstyleSOURCE!

Pineapple Park

Tips, tools, graphics + more

The Toolbox is a place where our Premier Partners can access exclusive graphics, printables, and social media tips. Some of our manufacturers also have Toolboxes for their REstyleSOURCE partnered dealers.

Save time and money by using our content for you to share & promote your business. Tweak them to fit your needs or use them just as-is.

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