Reclaimed Wood Planters

Reclaimed Wood Planters

Spruce up your plants

PHOTOS + INSTRUCTIONS c/o My Sweet Savannah

When it comes to plants, we can never have enough of them. That’s why we love this DIY project from My Sweet Savannah; crafty, pretty, and unique, it gives us an excuse to have as many plants as we want, and adorn them in these beautiful planter boxes. While this DIY does involve a little bit of building, we know that you can do it! After all, just look at the gorgeous end result. Trade in your boring pots and plastic planters for these rustic planter boxes, each one of them unique and special. See below for instructions on how to build your own planter boxes from reclaimed wood.

Materials & Tools Needed

  • Wood Planter Box
  • Ruler
  • Pencil or Pen
  • Scrap Wood
  • Saw
  • Hammer & Nails
  • Trim

Reclaimed Wood Planters

  1. Start with a basic wood planter box. You can buy them new, or you might happen to have a couple lying around like I did!
  2. Lay the planter on it’s side and mark where the center is. Draw a straight line all the way down the center of it.
  3. Now comes the fun part; you will need a ton of scrap wood! Cut 2 corner triangle pieces, and lay those down(#1}). Remember, that whatever you do on the right side, you will also do on the left side.
  4. Next you are going to cut the pieces that say #2 (every time I say cut, it’s on a 45 degree angle). You want these pieces to touch the top and join together at the centerline you drew.
  5. Notice how mine hangs over on the bottom? Using a pencil, make a mark (on the underside) flush with the edge of your planter box. This is where you will cut.
  6. Take your hammer and nails and nail on your 2 #1 corner pieces followed by the 2 #2 pieces.
  7. Once those are in place, measure the spot between #1 and #2 and add those pieces. Then you are just going to work your way down all the way to the bottom. Repeat on the other 3 sides.
  8. Once all 4 sides are complete you will need to add your trim pieces. For the trim I went down to a salvage yard and bought enough matching white trim to cover both planter boxes. “Frame” out each side, cutting on 45 degree angles again, and nail in place.
  9. For the tops, I used more salvaged wood, cut again on 45 degree angles, and nailed into place.
  10. Plant them and you are done! Stand back and enjoy your handiwork!

Reclaimed Wood Planters

Creative Tip:

To add extra dimension and interest to your planter boxes, get creative with your scrap wood! Don’t feel like you can only use fresh pallet boards as scrap; use pieces of old signs and boxes that might have words on them, pieces with metal scraps in them, painted wood, etc. It will make your planters all the more interesting and one-of-a-kind!

Woodinville, WA

Melaine Thompson's passion for DIY projects and interior design started when she was a little girl. She is a market editor for Souvenir, a lifestyle magazine. Melaine created her blog to help spread her passion for design, and hopefully give some of you some ideas on creating the home of your dreams.

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