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PHOTO: WWCreate + Dana Waldon

Sugarboo Designs


Rebecca Puig has loved painting and creating things since she was a little girl, and she took that love to the University of Georgia, graduating with a studio art degree. She started Sugarboo Designs with her husband, Rick after realizing they needed a change – her from doing art commissions from home and him from his struggling remodeling company.

Sugarboo started with the idea of an oversized frame with a floating photo in the middle of it.  Rebecca and her husband built a prototype, received a U.S. patent on the design, and eventually took her paintings and the frames, called photoboxes, to market. A business that was started in their garage, now produces products sold all over the world, including their most recent paper line of notepads, mini gift cards, and postcards.

Eventually, Rebecca was able to design and move into her very own studio. To start, she covered the walls in black chalkboard paint, giving her the ability to sketch her ideas on the walls and erase bad ideas in a second without wasting paper.  She was also sure to fill her studio with all her favorite things, including her children’s artwork, a favorite painting her mom created, and many of grandma’s pieces.  She added an old, tattered orange chair, wooden containers and metal bins for her paint, and an old jar from her grandmother’s kitchen for her paint brushes to give her studio the vintage feel she loves.

Sugarboo continues to grow and evolve, but Rebecca’s mission remains the same – to create art that makes a home more soulful and happy.  Her hope has always been for Sugarboo pieces to help people tell those dearest to them how they feel, and be a constant reminder in their home.



  • Natural Elements
  • Colorful Artwork
  • Layers Of Textures + Patterns
  • Favorite Personal Objects + Treasures
  • Wooden + Metal Containers For Storing Art Supplies

Rebecca Puig Studio artwork and paintbrushes
PHOTO: WWCreate + Dana Waldon

Rebecca creates art that makes a home more soulful and happy.

PHOTO: WWCreate + Dana Waldon

WWCreate + Jessica Downey
PHOTO: WWCreate + Jessica Downey

What your heart thinks is great is great. The soul’s emphasis is always right.– Ralph Waldo Emerson –

PHOTO: WWCreate + Dana Waldon

PHOTO: WWCreate + Dana Waldon

Ogden, US

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