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Pizitz Living Room

A Show House to Dream About

This Pizitz Living Room in the Maison de VIE show house, a collaborative effort between many local businesses, was designed by Susan Byrd of Pizitz Home & Cottage. Because of the large size of the home, Susan knew that there would always be a lot of people using it, children included. Knowing this, she decided to keep the space very open and laid back, alluding to elegance and comfort, but also durability in her design. She decided to keep the space family friendly through the use of outdoor fabric for the living room furniture, stating that it’s “very durable, washable, and perfect for the beach.” 

The overall color palette for the home was kept fairly neutral, which is true to form for the Pizitz design aesthetic. Susan decided to stick with a soft grey fabric for the sofas and chairs, a color that could go with anything, and then allow the color and accents come through the artwork, home accessories, and pillows. She wanted to keep everything fairly neutral, so there could be a soft coastal flow of consistency throughout the home.

We personally love the openness of the space, and the soft design of this room flows perfectly with the exposed wooden beams and the overall architecture of the room. Though this space may be neutral in color, it is anything but ordinary. From the oversized lamps, to the natural hanging pendants, to the gorgeous white tables, this place is full of coastal charm. Find some of our product picks below to create your own stay-cation space, a gorgeous coastal inspired room that you will never want to leave!

*For more information about Pizitz Design Services or about any of the pieces seen in this feature- contact Pizitz Home & Cottage.

“It’s a beautiful home. I like to let the architecture stand out on its own, and not compete with it, but also pick furniture that just has clean lines. Everything was kept pretty neutral so it could just flow throughout the home.”

– Susan Byrd, Pizitz Home & Cottage

Pizitz Living Room | REstyleSOURCE

PHOTO: Ramona Robbins for VIE Magazine

Do you have a favorite piece/design element of this room/space? 
Pizitz: We would have to say our favorite pieces we contributed to this project are the two oversized lamps in the living room. The size of these lamps definitely make a statement; they bring cohesion to the room and help frame the fireplace.

What was you inspiration when designing this space? 
Pizitz: Our inspiration comes from our environmental surroundings. Being on the Gulf Coast, we always have to keep in mind that the houses we furnish are vacation homes, which is why we chose outdoor fabric for the sofas (beach sand, sunscreen, and life friendly!).

We loved being a part of this unique experience, as it was VIE magazine’s first Home of Inspired Ideas, which was a creative collaborative by many local business owners in an effort to raise money for local schools.

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