Picking Paint Colors Contributed by Thistlewood Farms

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PHOTO: Thistlewood Farm

5 Tips for Choosing A Paint Color


1.) The darkest color on the paint strip is your best friend

When you are looking at colors on two (or three different) strips of paint chips, many times the colors will appear to be the same. THEY ARE NOT!  Do not be fooled.  Each strip of paint color chips is tinted in a slightly different direction.

For example, a khaki could have a pink base or a blue base. A gold can have a green base or a brown base.  A red could have an orange base or a pink base.  (I think you get the point).

To see the true color tint….look at the darkest color on the strip. This color has the most color saturation and you can see the true base color much more easily.

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ThistleWOOD Farm Pantry SW Mindful Gray
PHOTO: Thistlewood Farm

2.)  All surfaces are not created equal

Fact #1:  When painting a ceiling any other color than white go at least one shade lighter. Color on a ceiling appears darker than on the wall.

Fact #2:  When choosing a color for the floor…..always go one or two shades lighter. The color on the floor appears darker than on the wall.

Fact #3:  When looking at a paint chip in the store….hold it next to something white to see the true color. Holding it next to anything else can throw off the tones in the paint.

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Thistlewood Farm Master Bedroom Floor
PHOTO: Thistlewood Farm

3.)  Saturation is the Key

Please, please remember this unsolicited advice when you are standing in front of that paint display: Find the color you want…..and then go one shade darker.

I know. It’s scary.

It’s only natural……we have a tendency to go lighter with our paint choices.  The only problem is, natural light and “stuff” tend to wash out our first color choice.

Trust me on this one.  You will be much happier with a little more saturation.

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Thistlewood Beach Bathroom SW Gris
PHOTO: Thistlewood Farm

4.) You Can Never Have Enough Paint

You have seen them in the paint store mixing paint.  They take the tinted base and then add different colors.  Here’s the secret:  no can of paint is exactly the same.

They are close.  Maybe you won’t see a difference.  Maybe you will.

Don’t take the chance.

Buy a five gallon bucket and mix your cans together before you paint.

Learn from a person with a two-tone painted room.

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Thistlewood Hallway SW Ivoire

5.)  Sample, sample, sample

They sell $5.95 quart paint samples at Sherwin Williams. I suggest you do not let $5.95 come between you and the perfect wall color. A painted swatch on the wall beats a paint chip color hands down every time.

Happy Painting!

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