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Personalized Mistletoe

Oh By Gosh By Golly…

…it’s time for mistletoe and holly! When the holidays are here, it seems like we can never have enough Christmas cheer or decorations. Since it comes but once a year, we have to cram a whole year’s worth of holiday anticipation into just a few mere weeks – so we say it’s alright to go a little bit overboard! One of our favorite traditional holiday decorations is Mistletoe. Mentioned in just about every Christmas song, it is a holiday staple practically on par with a Christmas tree. Plus, it comes with the perk of a kiss…and who wouldn’t love to share a romantic holiday moment with their special someone under a pretty little bough of mistletoe? Cliche though it may be, we like to think of it as traditional…and we love a good tradition here at REstyleSOURCE! So make your decorations extra special this year for you and your special someone with this personalized mistletoe project from My Sweet Savannah! Easy and super quick, this DIY will cost you practically nothing and be guaranteed to get you at least a kiss! What’s there to lose? See full instructions and materials list below.

Personalized Mistletoe | REstyleSOURCE

PHOTO: c/o My Sweet Savannah

Personalized Mistletoe Materials

• Real or fake mistletoe branches (I chose to use fake ones from a craft store)     • Miniature Pinecones (optional)     • Small bunch of festive flowers or berries, such as Baby’s Breath or Holly Berries (optional)     • Twine     • Ribbon (thick enough to write on) • Fabric or permanent pen/marker 
DIY Instructions:
  1. Simply bundle up your mistletoe and flowers/berries around their stems and secure with twine, leaving a loop to hang from.
  2. Next, make your personalized ribbon. If you have a printable ribbon kit, you can print your phrase directly onto your ribbon, or use your fabric marker to manually write your message on the ribbon. I made mine say kiss me, over and over. 
  3. Once you’ve printed out or personalized your ribbon, tie it around the top of your bundle of greens and make a bow.
  4. Hang it, and you are ready for some kisses!

Personalized Mistletoe | REstyleSOURCE

PHOTO: c/o My Sweet Savannah

Pucker Up

Have fun with your mistletoe placement in your home! Hang it somewhere where people are bound to pass through to spread some fun holiday cheer during a get together with friends. 

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