Party Like a Pineapple by Jenny Cookies

Tropical Paradise in Your Backyard

When blogger and party planner extraordinaire Jenny Cookies‘s birthday rolled around, her husband offered to throw her a fancy backyard bash with all their friends, an offer she happily accepted. But then pineapple inspiration struck, and her natural talents for pulling together detail-oriented, color-inspired events kicked into high gear. One thing led to another, and soon Jenny–with the help of lots of talented folks including designers of stationery, decor, cake and flowers–was planning the party herself! Jenny freely admits that “I completely hijacked” the event planning. “I can’t help it. It’s what I do. I plan parties.” Jenny, we are so glad that you did, because now REstyleSOURCE can share tons of amazing party photos, golden moments, inspirational DIY tips and more from the Party Like a Pineapple bash!

pineapple 4Jenny’s Tips…Pineapple Inspiration

“Pineapples are fun, summery, and it seemed like a theme that hadn’t been done. At the time, I couldn’t find a single pineapple-themed party invitation, and no inspiration whatsoever on Pinterest. Fast forward a couple months and pineapples are EVERYWHERE! I repeat, EVERYWHERE. I see them on bathing suits, beach towels, t-shirts, home decor, jewelry, nails…you name it, there are pineapples. But at the time, nothing!”

PHOTO: KCB Photography C/O Jenny Cookies

“I always start with the invitation to begin party planning. We asked Harper Gray Designs if they could design a Party Like a Pineapple invite with black and white stripes, gold, mint green, and of course, yellow. They nailed it.”


PHOTO: KCB Photography C/O Jenny Cookies

“My friend Kim from TomKat Studio sent me the cutest gold glitter pineapple garland that I used all over the party. The stunning florals were by Bash and Bloom, who arranged the flowers in red solo cups and then just shoved them down into hollowed-out pineapples. Her combination of ferns, white blooms and succulents gave them the perfect mid-century modern look.”

PHOTO: KCB Photography C/O Jenny Cookies

“I found the most fantastic shiny gold pineapple pillows from this darling shop, Fancy it Pretty. She was a treat to work with, and even custom designed this Party Like a Pineapple pillow! They are going to spend the rest of the summer on my sofa. So fun!”

PHOTO: KCB Photography C/O Jenny Cookies

pineappleDecor Tip….Go For the Gold!

No other spray paint goes on quite the way a smooth, flawless coat of metallic gold does. Jenny searched high and low (think Ebay and Etsy) for vintage wooden pineapple-shaped bowls in a variety of sizes and finishes….then pulled them all together in one quick, design-savvy move by spraying them–along with her cake plates and even some real pineapples!–a uniform, shiny gold.

PHOTO: KCB Photography C/O Jenny Cookies

Entertaining Tip….Go for a ‘Pro-Am’ Approach

When it comes to the big, time-consuming centerpiece items like florals or a perfectly constructed cake, hire a professional. Not only will it ease the pressure of feeling like you have to do everything yourself, but it will look AMAZING. See Jenny’s pineapple-adorned masterpiece from a local Washington baker for evidence!

pineapple 3Jenny says…”I may have planned, ordered, and organized the majority of the party but had to draw the line at baking my own birthday cake. Lucky for me, I recently met an incredibly talented local baker, Megan Gordon AKA Lady YUM. Megan seems to be able to bake just about anything but her specialty is her french macarons. Her cake (chocolate cake with a salted caramel buttercream filling) was stunning and everything I had dreamed of. I ate it exclusively for three days straight!”

But what if you’re known for your DIY creations and flair for style, and you just can’t resist making a few things yourself? No problem there, either, says Jenny! Just keep it small and worry-free.

pineapple 2“I couldn’t help but bake a few desserts for the table so I made everyone’s favorite peanut butter cracker cookies shaped and decorated as pineapples, pineapple shaped sugar cookies, cupcakes with chocolate glittered pineapple toppers, and my favorite, mini lemon meringue pies made in these miniature jars. SO easy to make, I just drew pineapple stems with melted green candy onto waxed paper and topped the pies with the stems. Poof, pineapple pies!”

PHOTO: KCB Photography C/O Jenny Cookies

Stay Refreshed with Pineapple Drinks

pineapple-drinkThere’s nothing worse than not having enough to drink in the sweltering summer heat, so keep your guest refreshed with some pineapple concoctions. You can buy pineapple juice to serve in cans or to mix with other drinks. Add some sliced pineapple to a large pitcher of water to make a lightly fruit-infused refreshment. Your adult guests will enjoy this Pineapple Mint Julep recipe for the perfect summer cocktail. 

PHOTO: KCB Photography C/O Jenny Cookies

“It was such a fun party. After we cut the amazing cake and stuffed ourselves with dessert, we brought out even more treats for our guests to enjoy, including these take home ice cream favors…super cute containers, twine and spoons also from TomKat!”

PHOTO: KCB Photography C/O Jenny Cookies

Seattle, WA

I’m Jenny Keller, a self taught baker, blogger, author, and stylist who is crazy passionate for throwing over the top parties, on a diet fueled with buttercream icing and way too much Fresca.  I work with brides, products and brands, celebrities and often my own two children to create one-of-a-kind celebrations, desserts and decor that will be remembered for years to come. Not surprising as a Seattle native, I owned and operated a successful coffee business until my first baby was born.  I quickly lost interest in grinding coffee beans and became enamored with creative baking and party planning, ensuring every single holiday, big or small, made an impression on my babes.  Fast forward 8 years and here I am.  I’ve decorated more sugar cookies than I could ever count and have commemorated the majority of life’s littlest occasions with cake plates filled with cupcakes, cookies, and most likely a coordinating bunting banner or tassel garland.

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