Painted Pots + Succulents by Offbeat + Inspired

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Summer Gardening


Summer is the perfect time to add some hearty succulents to your home. They are the ideal plants for the warm weather because they need very little water. Give your succulents a place to shine with this project from Offbeat + Inspired. These easy steps are great for sprucing up old (or new) terra cotta pots with a coat of paint.

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Paint Pot Base with White Paint

  1. Paint the tops and outer rims of the drainage plates. If you prefer a cleaner look, you can either tape off the bottom part of the pot before painting it. For a “dipped” look, you can freehand painting the top halves of your terracotta pots.
  2. When the pots are dry, add a few spoonfuls of Cactus, Palm, and Citrus soil to each pot. Move the plants into the pots, and fill around the sides with soil as needed.

Paint Pot Rim

Plant Info

Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry! Succulents require very little maintenance, they’re extremely resilient, and they’re SO pretty. Just water them correctly and make sure they’re getting a decent amount of daily light.


Garden Tip

Leave the soil loose because succulents can drown if they’re packed in tightly with no room to drain. This is why more rocky/sandy soil is best. You can also mix small pebbles or sand with regular potting soil if that’s all you have on hand.

Finished Pots

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