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It’s always been my personal belief that a fresh coat of paint can bring new life to an object, and the girls at Offbeat + Inspired have just proven this timeless tip to be true with their latest DIY project!

This grandfather-esque clock was picked up off of the side of the road, discarded by it’s former owner, who had clearly given up on the idea that it had any potential left. However, the girls at Offbeat+Inspired, who have a knack for finding the beauty in everyday things, picked it up and decided to give it a little facelift with some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. The end result is one that could inspire even the least creative of people to take on their own DIY project! See the steps below for how you can give a project of your own a little chalk paint makeover.

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Clock in room
PHOTO: Offbeat + Inspired

  1. I first cleaned the clock off. There were more than a few cobwebs on this thing after it had been on the side of the road and then sitting in my garage for a while.
  2. I knew I’d use Dark Soft Wax on this piece and I wanted to create a few creases and crevices in the wood that would add a bit of character when the wax was applied. This part was a little scary, but it worked. I took a hammer and banged up the wood in a few spots. I also took a knife and created a scratches and scrapes until it looked a bit more aged.
  3. Next, I applied a coat of Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan color Versailles. I didn’t want any pink showing through when I started distressing it and this color was a great accent to the teal.
  4. For the teal color, I mixed equal parts Chalk Paint® in Napoleonic Blue and Florence and painted the entire piece with that mixture.
  5. Once that paint dried, I applied a layer of Clear Soft Wax. Then I very lightly applied Dark Soft Wax.
  6. I very gently sanded down a few edges and corners of the clock, letting some of the Versailles color show through on the corners and edges.
  7. Lastly, I moved the clock into its new home and added a few accents like a plant, picture frame, books and pitcher. Keep in mind that the wax does need time to cure, which takes about 30 days. Furniture can still be used during this time, but be extra careful about water stains, potential scratches or general wear and tear while its curing.

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