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Paige Schnell – Tracery Rosemary Beach, FL

Interview with Paige Schnell of Tracery Interiors

Introducing the sixth and final installment in our summer series of Designer Spotlights focusing on the group of top design experts who will be featured this July at AmericasMart’s Vignette Exhibition…Paige Schnell! The owner of Tracery, Paige Schnell is a celebrated interior designer who works with her team–talented designers Anna Kay Porch and Beth Nash–to create distinctive homes with gracious comfort, timeless elegance and an undeniable contemporary point of view. Paige has assembled an impressive portfolio showcased in Veranda, Coastal Living, Better Homes & Gardens, Traditional Home, Southern Living, and House Beautiful; she is also the author of Tracery: The Art of Southern Design. REstyleSOURCE recently chatted with the designer, in a brief Q&A which will not only give our readers some background on her “retail meets design” philosophy, but also what they can expect to see from her Designer Vignette at AmericasMart Atlanta in July 2016…

Paige Schnell - Tracery

Which came first for you, retail or design?  I started in the design world back in college.  I have a degree from Auburn University in Interior Architecture.  I worked as a corporate interior designer for 6 1/2 years in Atlanta, then made the big leap to retail and residential design in Rosemary Beach, Florida.  My residential interiors are heavily influenced by also having a foot in the retail world.

What does ‘retail meets design’ mean to you? For Tracery, “retail meets design” is so intertwined it is hard to see where one starts and one stops at some points.  We meet clients in our retail spaces that become design clients, and many times during design meetings with clients we shop in our retail space next door.  For us, the two ideas go hand in hand.


Paige Schnell - TraceryPhoto c/o Tracery

What inspires your creativity? So many people inspire me!  One of the main reasons I love Instagram is that I can follow so many great designers all over the world.  I love inspiration from fashion designers, artists, architects and other interior designers.  The combination of all of those influences can be seen in my designs.


Paige Schnell - TraceryPhoto c/o Tracery

Paige’s Favorite Quote…”The details are not the details, they make the design.”

– Charles Eames

 Paige Schnell - TraceryPhoto c/o Tracery

tracery circleDesign Notes: Inspiration

The inspiration behind our “Retail Meets Design” vignette came when our team was brainstorming and designing this room: we all wanted a black and white space.  We love strong design whether in architecture with subtle color hues and lots of texture or more wild colors in small spaces.  We wanted some really rich color to balance the black and white and we were inspired by some peonies we had in a vase.  That is where the raspberry color came from in the design.

“Plus…it’s fun!  Life is all about having fun.”

Paige Schnell - TraceryPhoto c/o Tracery

Must-See AmericasMart Atlanta Showrooms?

ps showrooms2

Bobo Intriguing Objects  |  Noir  |  Currey and Company  | Aidan Gray

Designer Tips On Shopping the Market?

“Research.  One of the best ways to research is social media.  Following other retailers and designers has led me to some really great showrooms I might have missed!”

Paige Schnell - TraceryPhoto c/o Tracery

watershedREstyleSOURCE Loves Local

REstyleSOURCE is all about ‘loving local’ – from designer and manufacturers right down to local brick & mortar shops and eateries! What are some of your favorite local shops and restaurants to visit when you’re in Atlanta?

We have several favorite local shops; Dixon Rye, Bungalow Classic, Stanton Home, and South of Market are always among our stops.   My favorite local Atlanta restaurant is Watershed (seen at left).  I am the daughter of a farmer, and they have been a favorite of mine for years.  The vegetable plate is amazing…unless I am there on fried chicken night, then I just can’t resist!

Paige Schnell - TraceryPhoto c/o Tracery

And lastly, any stylish entertaining tips for us? I love to entertain.  I love to have several go-to tablescapes in my back pocket.  This takes the pressure off reinventing the wheel every time.  I love a great tablescape, but I also work, so my favorite strategy is to create simple go-to decor solutions for the many casual get togethers I host at our beach cottage.


Paige Schnell - TraceryPhoto c/o Tracery

Up Close & Personal with the Designer

Coffee or Tea?  Tea, unsweetened  /  Salty or Sweet?  Salty  /  Cats or Dogs? Dogs  /  Text or Phone Call? Both  /  Night Owl or Early Riser?  In the middle /  Luxury Hotel or Camping Trip?  Luxury Hotel.  Camping means no valet or hotel bar.


Beach or Mountains?  Beach  /  City or Country? City  /  Read the Book or See the Movie?  Read the book  /  Kindle or Hardcover?  Hardcover   /  Home Cooked Meal or Fancy Restaurant?  I love both.

Rosemary Beach, FL

850 231 6755

Constantly reaching beyond a single style, Tracery is a nationally-recognized interior design firm specializing in residential and hospitality projects, executed with passion and personal attention to detail.

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