Orange + Tea Tree Soap

Orange + Tea Tree Soap Offbeat + Inspired

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If you’re looking for a new hobby to get into to take you through the warmer months, we think that soapmaking is probably one of the easiest and most creatively satisfying things to try. With chemicals and unknown ingredients on the rise in our everyday products, not only is it great to know what’s going on your body, but making your own soap gives you full control as far as scent and texture combinations as well! Dry skin? Try a soap with shea butter and goats milk. Eczema? Try adding some oatmeal for gentle exfoliation. Oily skin or trouble with acne? This zesty orange + tea tree soap will be the one for you! This soap recipe will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed as the Summer heat begins to swell. See ingredients and link to full instructions (especially if you’re a first time soapmaker) below!

Orange + Tea Tree Soap

Orange + Tea Tree Soap Materials

  • Base Oils
    21.25 oz. olive oil (48.30%)
    15.5 oz. coconut oil (35.23%)
    4.25 oz. sunflower oil (9.66%)
    3 oz. walnut oil (6.82%)
  • Lye Solution
    11.75 oz. water
    6.25 oz. lye
  • Essential Oils
    2 oz. orange essential oil
    .5 oz. tea tree essential oil

 For full instructions on how to make your own soap, click here.

Orange + Tea Tree Soap


Always remember to let your soaps cure from 4-6 weeks before use!

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