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This article originally ran on REstyleSOURCE on October 22nd, 2013…but we’re bringing it back as a part of our #TBT–ThrowBack Thursday–series! A great way to catch up on some of our most stylish posts that you may have missed the first time around, watch this space every Thursday for a different new-old favorite!

Little Space in a Big City


“Since our apartment was such a small space (450sq. ft!), I decided to set it up like a hotel room in that, we didn’t want to tuck our bed away – it’s an open layout so everything is welcoming. When we entertain, friends sit at the end of the bed, we take out the stools; it allows us to maximize the space and entertain with ease.

In terms of style, I love color & pattern but I wanted the option to update. The foundation pieces are neutral so the artwork, pillows, & décor make the space the pop. It’s a fresh, modern take on Palm Beach Regency – glam with gold, bright colors, & a bit too much. The floral vintage bark cloth pillows were the inspiration for the palette of the room, a fabulous Etsy find.

Since we were on a budget, the space is a mixture of high/low, which I love; it makes for a great layered look.”

See below for more design tips from Jana on creating a sophisticated environment in a small space, and for some inspired product picks to create your own look inspired by Jana’s NYC apartment!

NYC Apartment | REstyleSOURCE

PHOTO: Erik Melvin

Her Fave?

“My favorite items in the space are my Brushstroke Lamps because I made them & have recently launched my line of them! They are made entirely in the US, & hand painted by me. There is also the option to have a custom color painted just for you!” To shop jana’s Brushstroke Lamp collection, click here.

NYC Apartment | REstyleSOURCE

PHOTO: Erik Melvin

Jana’s Design Tips:

Less is More
  • If you live in a petite place & you want it to be balanced & beautiful, you probably can’t have it all. You are seeing my entire space in these photos aside from my slim hall of a kitchen. To add a dining area would have made the space feel cramped, so eating on the sofa it is!
Planning & Scale
  • In small spaces, map every furniture piece out that you want to incorporate into your design, and always triple check the dimensions. If you want a sofa, a shallower, shorter sofa will be your best bet.
Keep Things Open
  • I set up my bed like a daybed. When guests come over, they don’t feel that they are invading your bedroom – they can sit at the end of the bed. I take the stools out from below the console & suddenly there is seating abound!

NYC Apartment | REstyleSOURCE

PHOTO: Erik Melvin
Mix Up Your Materials
  • In open spaces (like my apartment), you often see multiple areas or everything at once. As your eye moves around, make sure the materials are varied and don’t compete with each other. In my design you see lacquer, metal, marble, leather, linen — it’s all there.
Invest Vs. Splurge
  • Apartment living is often temporary living. If any item you are considering purchasing would only be useful in your existing space, I would forgo it. An example is getting roman shades. Instead, I would recommend neutral curtains that will work well when you transition to a new place.



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Interior designer Jana Bek loves to collaborate with her clients to ensure that their spaces reflect their tastes and needs. After a career in product development, Bek now uses her love of color, pattern and style to bring your visions to life.

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