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Niki Papadopoulos Atlanta, GA

Interview with Niki Papadopoulos of Mark Williams Design Associates

Introducing the first in our series of Designer Spotlights focusing on the seven top national designers who will be featured at AmericasMart’s Portman White Vignette Gallery…..Niki Papadopoulos! Niki is an Atlanta-area designer with Mark Williams Design Associates, possessing a seemingly effortless eye for style. REstyleSOURCE sat down for a brief Q & A with the charming Niki, to get to know her background and to introduce her design philosophy to our readers…

How did you get started in the world of interior design? I started off as a Fashion Design major wanting to design custom clothing after I had worked for a fashion designer in San Francisco. After seeing there was no real market for that in Atlanta, I changed majors to Interior Design–kind of on a whim, with no real idea of what I was in for! I started out as an intern with a company called Laslie-Williams in 2003 and never left! In 2008 I followed Mark when he founded Mark Williams Design Associates and here I am now!

What inspires you? Whose work inspires you? Honestly, in interior design, the reason I have a job is because someone has a problem that I need to use my skill set to fix. I am most inspired by the problem and coming up with a creative solution.


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What was the inspiration behind your Portman White Design vignette? I really wanted to create a tribute to Mr. Portman, as he is a great architect whose structures have impacted me both personally and professionally. I think my source of inspiration is taking his modern interiors and embellishing them a bit with some reference to the 1980s, which is when I first encountered his work in San Francisco.

NPNiki’s Design Advice? Have Fun with It!

“Don’t take yourself too seriously! It’s just furniture…we’re not saving lives.”

Designing with white can be the ultimate challenge! What are some tips or hints to keep in mind when designing in an all-or-mostly white palette? It can be a daunting idea, figuring out how to feature the color “white”, when white is so often the background for other things. I think when designing with white, the thing to consider is what it will do to your other colors; it’s really important to compare them against each other so your “main white” doesn’t end up looking yellow or green or pink.


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Niki on visiting AmericasMart Atlanta

“Definitely wear comfortable shoes and keep a map in your pocket!”

Niki’s Favorite Showrooms

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REstyleSOURCE Loves Local!

We are all about all about ‘loving local’—from designers and manufacturers right down to brick & mortar shops and eateries! What are some of your favorite local shops and restaurants to visit when you’re in Atlanta?

Niki’s Picks…..

Jonathan Adler / Antonio Raimo Galleries / Noah J. & Company / Lush Life / Pieces / Gramercy / South of Market / B Braithwaite / Stanton Home / Athens Pizza / Kyma / Ecco / Barcelona / Fritti / West Egg Cafe


Okay……Lightning Round time!

Coffee or Tea? Coffee   /   Salty or Sweet? Sweet   /   Beach or Mountains? Mountains

Beer or Wine? Wine   /   City or Country? City   /   Cats or Dogs? Either…if they are ceramic.


lizNiki’s Favorite Quote?

“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.”

– Elizabeth Taylor

Atlanta, GA


AmericasMart Atlanta is the premier product destination in the center of a global crossroads — the nation’s leading gift, home furnishings, apparel, and area rug marketplace. Launched as the Atlanta Market Center, and later rebranded as AmericasMart Atlanta, the complex ranks first as the world’s largest trade mart/trade show facility with more than seven million square feet of enclosed space. Inside AmericasMart’s doors you will find more product than anywhere else, with unmatched styles of the latest design on every floor. This foremost collection of home, gift, rug and apparel merchandise is the single-largest in the country and curated from around the globe. Accessibility. Convenience. A world of product. It’s all in one place — and with all this to offer and so much more, AmericasMart continues to lead the way.

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