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Nautical Playroom by House of Jade Interiors

Surf’s Up

Some playrooms appeal to ‘kids’ of all ages, and this stunning example by the dream team duo at House of Jade Interiors is no exception–we’re ready to move right in there ourselves! Designers Kirsten Krason and Erin Morgan have built on a soothing neutral palette–the walls are painted in ‘Gray Owl‘ (OC-52) by Benjamin Moore–and created an open space for imagination, art and play. The family’s love of Hawaii and all things beachy is reflected in the colors and nautical elements that pop up here and there. Accented–but never overwhelmed–by pops of color and slightly surreal touches like oversized octopus wall art (an amazing one-of-a-kind project put together by House of Jade themselves, check out their instructions here: DIY Octopus Art) and floating ships, the room maintains a perfectly airy, clean feeling. With separate spaces for art projects, reading, television watching and imagination games, this playroom truly has it all. Check out Kirsten and Erin’s design notes below for more details on this fun room!


Nautical Playroom 8Photo: Jylare Smith Photography

hoj2Designers’ Notes

“The room is fairly long,” say Kirsten and Erin, “so we had to be really careful with how we laid the space out.  We decided on two play tables, one on either side of the room.  One side is designated more for art activities, while the other side is for ‘kitchen’ and other imaginary play.  In the middle we floated a rug with some fun bean bags across from a television so the kids could play video games or watch movies.”

Nautical Playroom 2Photo: Jylare Smith Photography

“Our clients had spent some time living in Hawaii so we wanted to channel a few beachy elements.  The aqua and navy color scheme give the relaxing feel of water and the quirky nautical elements still make the space feel youthful.”

Nautical Playroom 3Photo: Jylare Smith Photography

REstyleSOURCE Favorites

We’re loving the playful, three-dimensional elements like the paper mache shark, flock of flying gulls and sailing kite ship…the whimsical way they define the room as a space for imagination and play is just perfect!

Nautical Playroom 4Photo: Jylare Smith Photography

pillowsDesigners’ Notes

“We really love the built in window seats.  Our client has lots of little kids who can use this space for relaxing, hiding away, doing homework, playing etc! We put in lots of bookshelves so it can become a fun place to read and relax.  We filled the back with pillows–and soft touches like a cuddly, oversized octopus and stuffed whale–making it a cozy place for anyone who wants to curl up with a good book or take a nap!”

Nautical Playroom 5Photo: Jylare Smith Photography

octoDIY It Up!

One of our favorite–and definitely the most eye-catching–things about this sweet, undersea-themed playroom is the oversized octopus print hanging on one wall….we couldn’t believe it when we found out this was a DIY project that Lisa and Kirsten pulled off themselves with only minimal materials! They’re sharing their secret over on their blog, so click on over to get this look for yourself.

To get the rest of this fun nautical look and shop REstyleSOURCE Picks for products similar to the ones seen in this project, be sure to click the links at right!

Nautical Playroom 6Photo: Jylare Smith Photography

There is something so easy and effortless about working with your best friend. Together Erin and Kirsten work seamlessly designing beautiful space after beautiful space.  Five years ago they started working together with clients. Erin worked as a home decor seamstress for Kirsten's business, Kirsten Krason Interiors. Last year the duo started taking on clients together and loved it so much they decided to start House of Jade Interiors. This business is a passion for both of them. They love being creative and coming up with original and sophisticated designs for their clients. Together they both appreciate mixing beautiful patterns and color infused with lots of white and clean lines.

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