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PHOTO: Dusty Lu

A salon fit for stars


Soho loft meets architectural masterpiece at the fresh newspace Meche salon, opened by world renowned colorist Tracey Cunningham (formerly of Byron and Tracey Salon) and Pro Stylist Neil Weisberg (formerly of Neil George Salon). The space, designed by Architect Rodney Ross, has a very modern yet warm feel with its clean lines, textured walls, and neutral colors. When you walk into this beautifully organic space, you are greeted with a mélange of eye candy from the Melinda Maria Jewelry to the Sam Villa straightening irons to the gorgeously placed orchids and succulents all around. It’s like being in a friend’s home only you leave feeling completely glammed up!

We all know we look at some of our favorite celebs and wonder how they get that “oh so perfect” color and shine to their hair. Well, I had the honor of sitting down with the highly sought after colorist to the stars, Yvonne Brown to find out a little bit more about the new salon and what we can look forward to for spring….

RS: What’s the secret to the ultimate blow-out?
YB: I would say first and foremost, it’s really important to get all the water and moisture out of your hair before you start to blow it dry. Not only does it take a long time to blow out when it’s dripping wet, but the blow out will last longer if you start with less moisture in your hair. Another important tip to achieve the ultimate blowouts to use the least amount of product as possible. The cleaner you leave your hair, the longer it will last. Also, a good blow-dryer is key!

RS: Which celebrities do you work with?
YB: I work with most of the ladies from E! including Catt Sadler, Christina Guerrero, and Ashlan Gorse. I also had a chance to meet Yvonne’s sister, Melissa Brown, who works very closely with her and is one of theTOP hair extension specialists in Los Angeles. She has worked with the likes of Giuliana Rancic, Charlize Theron, Hilary Duff, all of the ladies from E! and more.

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Meche Salon Yvonne
[left to right] Yvonne Brown, Meche Salon Colorist ; Yvonne Brown and her client, Christina Guerrero   PHOTO: Dusty Lu

PHOTO: Dusty Lu

RS: Is the popular “Ombre” trend sticking around or has it seen its day?
YB: It’s definitely still in but not as severe. It’s more toned down, more blended, but still dark at the root. More of a natural sun infused vibe.

RS: What can we expect the big trend for 2013 to be?
YB: I think we will be seeing a lot of warm colors, a lot of reds, and wispy Brigitte Bardot bangs.

RS: How do you decide what the best color for a new client is?
YB: I really look at skin and eye color. I like to bring out the eye color using warm rich tones. I think a big mistake, especially with brunettes, is that they tend to go a bit brassy because they are afraid of using red tones. But sometimes you have to intentionally add those warm orange and red tones to make the color rich and right.

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PHOTO: Dusty Lu

PHOTO: Dusty Lu

RS: What’s one trick we can all try at home to have our hair looking better?
YB: For the girl who doesn’t like to blow-dry her hair every morning, I highly recommend washing it at night and then doing a loose braid (but not all the way to the bottom to avoid those kinks at the end).In the morning take out the braid, let it air dry and then run a curling iron over the existing waves for a more polished look!

RS: What’s a miracle product that you can’t live without?
YB: I have two! Moroccan Oil is my favorite. You can sleep with it and make it a treatment; you can take it on the beach with you and use it as a styling product, there are just so many things you can do with it! I recommend it to most of my color clients, I use it myself and as long as you don’t over do it, it’s just a good product. The other thing I can’t live without is the Sheila Stotts extension brush. It’s a detangling brush and my sister and I absolutely cannot live without it! I literally don’t go anywhere without it.

RS: What is your favorite spot in L.A right now?
YB: My favorite LA spot right now is WP24 by Wolfgang Puck at the Ritz Carlton Los Angeles. The view is amazing, the food is great (small plates), and the music is just loud enough where you can still hear your girlfriends talk!

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Yvonne Brown and Christina Guerrero
[left to right] Yvonne adding highlights to her client’s hair ; E! News Correspondent Christina Guerrero’s finished look   PHOTO: Dusty Lu

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