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PHOTO: Melina Hammer



The original concept for Mas[farmhouse] was that of a rustic farmhouse. “We wanted the restaurant to feel like someone’s home, that you may have a crazy life in New York City, but you come in for dinner and it’s as if you’ve walked into your country home and escaped the frenetic pace of the city.” Chef Galen Zamarra and his design team brought the notions of hunting lodge and fine dining together, to create the feeling of a sophisticated Vermont farmhouse, rich with wood and stone. “We wanted to keep the name, as “mas” implies “connection to the land,” he described, while bringing in “lots of small handmade things to make this place specific. We were intentional not to buy things off of shelves, and instead to have a vision for things and have them made, to create a very unique feeling. People appreciate that.”

The idea of place is an underlying theme in the food. Mas[farmhouse] uses local and seasonal ingredients as the foundation of their unique cuisine. Local and seasonal foods, now buzzwords everywhere, started with places like Mas[farmhouse] ten years ago.

“In this time,” chef Zamarra explains, “we have learned that what is vital is the customers who come in every single night and to see that they are happy. When someone tells you something doesn’t work, it is important to consider it and perhaps change. That was the single most important thing that we learned to incorporate over the years: weighing in our customer’s opinions and shaping the restaurant based on that. We want to provide well-prepared food that is exciting and tasteful, that you cannot do at home, served in a great environment with impeccable service. That is why we are here.”

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PHOTO: Melina Hammer

PHOTO: Melina Hammer

PHOTO: Melina Hammer

My opinion is this: I cook very differently at home than at the restaurant. When I cook at home, it’s about simple, fundamental aspects of cooking. Focus on good ingredients and simple cooking techniques, and master those. Good ingredients done right make all the difference: there is nothing more wonderful than a well-roasted chicken.Chef Zamarra

PHOTO: Melina Hammer

PHOTO: Melina Hammer


39 downing street

new york, ny 10014


open for dinner nightly

6:00 pm – 11:30 pm


212 255 1790


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