Marquee Growth Chart By REstyle Contributor Thistlewood Farm

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PHOTO: Thistlewood Farm

Make Your Own Marquee Number Growth Chart


Watch the little ones in your life grow before your eyes with this marquee growth chart. Not only is this growth chart more decorative than marking lines on a door frame, but it’s also a portable keepsake that can move with you on your next great adventure.

Materials and Tools Needed

  • 1′ x 10′ Wood board
  • Primer
  • Gray Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Pencil
  • Black Paint Pen
  • Marquee Numbers
  • Hot Glue
  • Ruler

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Step One

Prime the 1′ x 10′ wood board. Then lightly brush on the gray paint so that you can see streaks of the color underneath.

PHOTO: Thistlewood Farm

Step Two

Use a ruler and a pencil to mark lines on the board for inches and feet. Make sure you leave enough space for the marquee numbers.


Step Three

Line up the ruler with the lines you made with the pencil, and use the black paint pen to fill in the lines.


Step Four

Apply hot glue to the back of the marquee numbers and stick them onto the wood. Then you are ready to hang your new growth chart!


Finished Growth Chart

PHOTO: Thistlewood Farm

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