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Interview with Melanie Golter of Lucky Fish Gallery

Turning her dual passions for fine artwork and helping those in need turned out to be a very ‘lucky’ move for Melanie Golter, when she opened Lucky Fish Gallery in 1999. Her gallery has seen some changes and evolution over the years, but continues to showcase a carefully curated collection of original works in a variety of styles from bold contemporary looks to tranquil landscapes. Here, she shares with REstyleSOURCE some of her inspiration, the history of the gallery, and what she loves about the business of finding talented artists and delivering their work to new audiences.

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How did you first get started in the fine art gallery business? In 1999 I traveled to Eastern Europe with my sister Julie, who is the director of an international adoption agency.  I was traveling with her as an extra set of eyes, ears and hands as she visited orphanages around the country.  After days of experiencing sadness and heartaches at seeing so many children orphaned, our translator and friend took us to visit several art museums and artists’ studios. That was it! I was hooked from that moment, and knew this would be the way that I would help these countries.  I came home, withdrew my savings and headed back to Moldova and Romania. Lucky Fish Gallery represented mostly Eastern European artists for almost 10 years.

In 2009 when the economy changed and the art world sort of collapsed along with it, we decided to make a big change and Lucky Fish started representing American artists.  That is our focus now, to help our own artists here at home.  It is sort of like ‘keeping it local!’  We do still keep in touch with Eastern European artists, and continue to support the orphanages through Carolina Adoption Agency.

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What is the process of finding your artists like? Whose work inspires you? It’s rather funny how we find artists.  One of our bestselling artists, Kitty Williams, was working outside on a historical mural…I stopped because I was so impressed with her work.  Another artist was sketching people unknowingly at a Starbucks…I just asked to look through his journal!  Most of the time, artists come to us because they need help marketing their art.

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I’m inspired by so many artists.  The internet is such a great tool for ‘visiting’ art museums that you might otherwise never get to.  I’m all over the board when it comes to art; I appreciate so much, from the masters to young contemporary street artists.

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Any trends right now that you love? I really hope that the newest trend is buying authentic for your home.  I think most people want less stuff and more meaningful objects in their home.  That’s a good trend for Lucky Fish Gallery as we specialize in the truly ‘one-of-a-kind.’

What do you love about owning your own business? I work with my husband and I love that!

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What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of owning an art-based business? I am really passionate about art and this business…but sometimes working with artists is a little like herding cats!

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Her Favorite Quote?

“Kindness changes everything.” A friend of mine has this as a hand written note taped to her back door, and I have tried to make this my life’s motto!

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Madison, North Carolina


Lucky Fish Gallery presents fine art lovers and design professionals with carefully selected work from more than a dozen American and European artists.  As you browse through our catalog you’ll  find a profusion of styles and subjects, represented in a variety of media, and edited to appeal to a broad spectrum of interests and tastes. Our selection varies….. from traditional oils on canvas, to realism on paper, to sculptures in clay, to abstracts in acrylic , to mixed media on board, and our list of art goes on and on…. ever changing.

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