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Hard to believe it’s true, but the end of summer is almost upon us! This Labor Day weekend, anyone with access to a vacation home is going to be at the beach, up in the mountains or–one of our favorite settings–relaxing on the deck of a luxurious lakeside getaway. Whether you’re planning one last vacation or just daydreaming ways to make your own home more like an airy, lakeshore retreat, we turned to our friends at Ciao Interiors for expert advice on Lakeside Living. Based in Montana near acres of breathtaking lakeside landscape, Ciao Interiors has crafted many stunning examples of luxurious and effortless vacation homes. Principal designer Les Bernabi used two recent Ciao projects to illustrate a few points for us on the fine, stylish art of relaxing in nature.


Lakeside Living | REstyleSOURCEPhoto: Heidi A. Long

Les says, “Here we see vibrant fabrics blending with the native rock and timbers. Hand textured plaster surfaces all effortlessly draw the outside into this warm and inviting space. In the dining room we balance the elongated lighting fixture with a table centerpiece of local dried poppies and wheat lying on a bed of polished river rocks.”


Lakeside Living | REstyleSOURCEPhoto: Heidi A. Long

ciaoDesign Tip from Ciao

Bring the Outdoors In…: One of our biggest pieces of design advice regarding summer properties is to bring those beautiful summer colors inside! We always use color from the outdoors in our interior design scheme, it is a critical step in balancing the overall look and feel of the finished space. Natural materials like stone, woven fibers, wood, and even fresh flowers help to effortlessly extend the view beyond your windows to the whole living space.

…And the Indoors Out: Remember to make maximum use of outdoor space for dining and socializing…invest in attractive outdoor furniture and fixtures (like a custom-built deck, bar, or paved conversation area) and the space between indoors and outdoors will flow seamlessly.

Lakeside Living | REstyleSOURCEPhoto: Heidi A. Long

“The large windows are some of my favorite design elements. With this project, one of our main objectives was to bring as much of the lake into the home as possible. We tried to make the rooms airy and open, more as if you’re closer to the water. We aimed to bring the outside indoors, which is why we incorporated a number of faux plants and used a natural color scheme with simple pops of colors. As you can see, we focused on the natural beauty of the outside and made the windows and doors the centerpieces to each of the rooms.”

Lakeside Living | REstyleSOURCE

“Remember, when it comes to symmetry and balance: too much of it can become almost boring, so we like to break it up a little with something out of the ordinary–an unexpected fabric pattern that still keeps with the palette of the room, or two chairs to balance a sofa. Try to subtly balance a space or landscape with two totally different objects rather than always matching, and see what happens!”

Lakeside Living | REstyleSOURCE

“Outdoor living is something we see in most of our lakeside retreat projects. We consistently aim to bring the natural elements in; large, airy windows that ‘frame’ the view are the perfect place to start with this. We are always inspired by our surroundings here (in the Flathead region of Montana)–everywhere you look, it is a work of beauty. And to build and design something that enhances the natural beauty is what we truly love to do.”

ciao 2

Outdoor Decor from Ciao Interiors

For a vacation home, we always suggest incorporating an outside fire pit within the landscaping plan. Here in our area of Montana, it increases the resale value of the home and adds to the entertainment value. Most of the houses we design have outdoor spaces where the clients spend most of their time – Montana summers are not something to miss!

Lakeside Living | REstyleSOURCEPhoto: Heidi A. Long

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Lakeside Collage

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Ciao Interiors looks forward to a third decade of serving the needs of our clients. With projects spanning throughout the United States and Canada, the we specialize in translating the warmth of comfortable living uniquely into each of its clients' projects. Our team can help you design a new home, manage your construction project and/or furnish your home. At Ciao we have dedicated our professional careers to helping people create that special, unique look. Accessibility today like high-fashion designers who design lines for major retailers, the internet and its social media platform has allowed Ciao Interiors to provide basic design services for clients across the world that did not previously have access to the Ciao brand. It has enabled Ciao to expand its brand beyond just high-end and luxury resort clients and shows that good design can be affordable. We look forward to working with you on your next project - small or large. We make the design process fun and relaxing for you. Please contact one of our offices or stop by our furnishing showroom in Kalispell, Montana.

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