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Jamie Durie Sydney, AUS & Los Angeles, CA

Interview with Jamie Durie of Durie Design

Introducing the final installment in our series of Designer Spotlights focusing on the group of top design experts who will be featured at AmericasMart’s Pantone Palette Exhibition…Jamie Durie! Internationally-renowned designer & author Jamie Durie divides his time between offices in Sydney and Los Angeles as he heads up a multi-disciplinary design practice in the areas of architecture, interior architecture, landscape, & his greatest passion, furniture design. Durie & his team have created a unique design language, coining the term ‘transterior’ in the process, and have become well known for creating seamless transitions between the indoors & out–a perfect approach for the designer taking on the ‘Natural Forms’ Pantone palette!. REstyleSOURCE recently chatted with Jamie in a brief Q&A for a little background on his design philosophy; based on his replies, we can’t wait to see from his unique take on this color grouping in his Pantone Palette vignette at AmericasMart Atlanta in January 2016…


Jamie’s design aesthetic in three adjectives…”Modern, Luxurious, Natural.”

IMG_9789boloPhoto c/o JamieDurie.com

What inspires your design work? I am inspired by the vast and natural beauty of Mother Nature, and I also draw inspiration from my travels all around the world, observing how other cultures live. Through my design work, I am dedicated to bringing good design, style, quality and the essence of natural living into people’s lives through all our products. My team and I work very closely on this, bringing our passion for a ‘transterior’–bridging the gap between interior and exterior–lifestyle into fruition with all that we do.


DSC_3187 35Photo c/o JamieDurie.com

What is the inspiration behind your Pantone palette vignette? Mid-century modern meets raw luxury, earthy tones tying nature into our everyday living. The inspiration partially derives from my favorite hotel, The Parker in Palm Springs. I have also used inspiration from my travels across the globe. There are many things I come across that inspire and fill me with creative ideas; new combinations of colours, shapes, textures, materials etc, and I can’t wait to share the experience with others.


DSC_3008 51Photo c/o JamieDurie.com

JDTell us more about what will go into your Pantone vignette! How did you decide which palette to build your design on? Which pieces are your favorites, and why? 

I have chosen Pantone’s Natural Forms palette as it as it is just that, a very natural combination of colours found in nature. I have found many pieces in a mixture of styles and looks highlighting this palette throughout AmericasMart, and from these I have curated an interesting combination of furniture and décor items from design houses such as the rustic and chic Regina Andrew, Mr. Brown, Aidan Gray, and Gabby. We’ve incorporated some amazing marble-topped, brass-based tables from Mr. Brown, a game table we designed for (new AmericasMart vendor) OneWorld, a loungy & modern luxury sofa and many individual stools, such as the Riva 1920 Rope Stool…all for the ease of navigating a relaxing, yet fun, lounge room. To make it even more interesting, I have also incorporated a few items from my collection in one of my first ever multi-designer eclectic looks, including concrete base lamps with brass pixelated shades.

DSC_4024 72Photo c/o JamieDurie.com

BrashREstyleSOURCE Loves Local!

We’re all about ‘loving local’—from designers and manufacturers right down to local brick & mortar shops and eateries! What are some of your favorite local shops and restaurants to visit when you’re in Atlanta?

When at market, it is sometimes hard to find time to eat because there is so much to view. When I do take some time out, you might find me across the way at Aviva by Kameel, enjoying their cold pressed juices and many Mediterranean dishes. Another dinner favorite is Ruth’s Chris, or nearby Ray’s in the City with live jazz. For a great early morning coffee, the newly-opened Brash Coffee at Westside Provision is a gem.

Jamie’s Favorite AmericasMart Showrooms

JD 4 showrooms

Saddlemans | Regina Andrew | Mr. Brown Home | Gabby

Designer Tips on shopping the market?

“Always look for products and trends that resonate with your own design aesthetic and personal style.”

IMG_7453Photo c/o JamieDurie.com

“When it comes to entertaining, always take the party outside if the weather permits, because it’s always more magical outdoors, and people instantly relax and unwind in the fresh air and sunshine…or under the moon and stars!”

DSC_4035 74Photo c/o JamieDurie.com

Jamie’s ‘Designer Style’ Tips

  • 2For an instant style update of your home, scatter a few bright cushions over a furniture setting for a quick injection of colour.
  • For artwork, choose a neutral or organic design to pull existing colour schemes together without overpowering, or be bold and add a bright art piece to break up the space.
  • When using artwork to create balance and synergy in big spaces, try choosing two ‘sister’ pieces that complement each other and hang them side by side.
  • 1For a relaxed feel, lean a piece of artwork on a buffet or sideboard. With art, the bigger the size, the bigger the impact–don’t be afraid to play with proportion!
  • Finally, art doesn’t have to be restricted to the indoors; there are many acrylic and canvas pieces that work well outdoors.
(Images c/o Apartment Therapy)

DSC_4518 19Photo c/o JamieDurie.com

What’s one thing that would make for a perfect evening at home…? Close friends and family at home, cooking together, listening to music, good conversation and having a laugh…perfect!


DSC_4546 25Photo c/o JamieDurie.com

Who would you pick as a ‘dream client’, if you could choose anyone…? Alive or dead? I would have loved to have worked with architects Frank Lloyd Wright, Geoffrey Bawa or John Lautner, but they’ve all passed now. I would love to work with one of today’s visionary architects like Zaha Hadid.

Photo c/o JamieDurie.com

“I believe in God, only I spell it ‘Nature’.”

– Frank Lloyd Wright

DSC_3181 36Photo c/o JamieDurie.com

International award winning designer & author Jamie Durie started his design practice 16 years ago in 1998. Since then he & his team at Durie Design have received over 33 international design awards with his latest design accolade received in May 2014 when he was awarded the New York Design Award for his interior dining chair titled, The Tubular Chair. The Bungalow Armchair in hand woven leather was also a finalist. Jamie splits his time between design studios in Sydney and Los Angeles, and has worked on many Hotels, Resorts and commercial projects over the last 15 years spanning 17 countries.

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