Hanging Shelf by REstyle Contributor Thistlewood Farm

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PHOTO: Thistlewood Farm

Make your own hanging Shelf

This hanging shelf is a fun way to display your accessories while leaving room for other storage underneath.

Contributed by REstyle Scout Thistlewood Farm

Materials and Tools Needed

  • 2 – 1″ x 3″ x 6′ Pine Board
  • Rope or Twine
  • 1 Ceiling Hook
  • 4 Eye Hooks

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Step One

Cut the boards into nine 17.5 inch pieces. These directions are to make a shelf that is 17.5″ x 17.5″.

PHOTO: Thistlewood Farm

Step Two

Place the two support boards across seven remaining boards and nail them together to create the base of the shelf.

PHOTO: Thistlewood Farm

Step Three

Screw an eye hole in to each of the four corners.

PHOTO: Thistlewood Farm

Step Four

Thread twine through each of the eye holes and knot securely.

PHOTO: Thistlewood Farm

Step Five

Take all four corners of the twine and make one giant knot. Then knot a single piece of twine and attach securely to a ceiling hook.


Finished Hanging Shelf

PHOTO: Thistlewood Farm

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