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Happy New Year 2016! Now that the big calendar page has officially flipped over and life has resumed a normal, post-holiday pace again…do you find yourself facing a mountain of to-do tasks? Whether you’re launching into an annual tidying-up, organizing the Christmas decorations for storage, finding appropriate places for new holiday gifts, or even getting a jump on tax season…..we’ve got some friendly, three-step advice for you! Read on for our easygoing approach to the Great January Organizational Project, and find some helpful REstyle Picks below for chic storage options. All the bags, boxes, baskets and trays you need are waiting at a store near you, so shop locally as you tidy your way to a stylish 2016!

clean slateStep 1: Clean Slate

You know what this means. Sweep away all that remains of last year’s unnecessary things: broken items, outgrown clothes, outdated paperwork, chipped dishware, shabby decor, and so on. Donate what’s still useful and put the rest out on the curb, then return to your home and take stock of what’s left: only the most necessary and beautiful items should remain. Now you can get started!

containStep 2: Contain Yourself

Everyone has a space in their home that needs some work….in fact, most of us have several! Is yours a home office that needs setting up, a pantry that’s a catch-all for your miscellaneous spices and kitchen tools, maybe a laundry room* that collects clutter like no other? Whatever it is, once you’ve completed Step 1 and swept the area clean of everything that doesn’t need to be there, it’s time to find some beautiful containers for the things you need to keep (but don’t necessarily want to look at every day. Does your style blend best with natural, woven rattan baskets, or is an industrial metal look more your thing? The urban simplicity of square wire baskets fits well with almost any decor, but you may find yourself drawn to rustic, farm-style wooden crates or simple canvas storage totes. Finally, don’t forget a well-placed chalkboard and a few attractive notebooks–for those all-important ‘To Do’ and ‘Shopping’ lists–and your home is ready for the new year!

( *See our ‘Laundry Luxe’ feature for some gorgeous laundry room inspiration! )

listStep 3: Make Plans

Once your space is physically organized, it’s much easier to get mentally organized! Too much clutter everywhere can cloud your mind and make it hard to see past the stacks of junk mail, but once it’s gone, you’ll be amazed at how much simpler everything seems. Use this time to make plans for the rest of 2016: annual repairs and home maintenance, indoor ‘to-do’s like re-painting or other decor projects, outdoor tasks like starting a garden or re-sealing windows for when the weather gets warmer. And don’t forget to plan some fun things: family vacation, get-togethers, an exciting purchase like a brand new sofa or dining table. Mapping out your year in advance will not only give you a sense of accomplishment, but the thrill of anticipation as you look over everything that’s coming your way in 2016.

Happy New Year to all of you! May your 2016 be fresh & bright, full of happiness and free of clutter!

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Photos: Melissa Jill, Jessica Downey

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