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A Home Away From Home

At Orange County-based Gatehouse, the mission is simple: to inspire and enrich clients’ lives by creating artful, unique and fulfilling personal spaces. This combination retail boutique & design firm is renowned for its ability to curate gorgeous interiors with a casual sophistication, and to “treat customers as though they were family.” This talent is on full display here in this lovely, coastally-inspired residence designed by Gatehouse owner Kim Sankey. Centered around a palette of cool, fresh hues with occasional pops of color and natural wood, this home is both luxurious and easygoing. “Our clients built this second home to be closer to their grandkids,” says designer Kim. “It was designed with large family gatherings in mind.” With comfortably upholstered surfaces around every corner and plenty of relaxing views, we think it’s the perfect space for family get-togethers! Read on for more designer notes from Kim, and links to shop this cool coastal look!


08_Redlands_03351-1024x683Photo: Jakubek Photography 07_Redlands_03701-1024x683Photo: Jakubek Photography

The family really wanted to keep the palette fresh and infused with blue-grey shades.

05_Redlands_02671-1024x683Photo: Jakubek Photography

We infused a little industrial feel with the overall eastern seaboard elements of the house– that really worked well.

09_Redlands_03881-1024x683Photo: Jakubek Photography

The back window was so vast and looks out at a great tree lined view as well as the pool below. To maximize seating and enjoy the view we built in a bench seat the full length of wall for lots of seating and it allowed us to play with fun fabrics for pillows.

02_Redlands_02161-1024x683Photo: Jakubek Photography

I love the Lee 1935 swivel chairs slipcovered in the stripe. That fabric really plays well with the solid sofa frame and accent chair…and I love a swivel!

10_Redlands_04141-1024x683Photo: Jakubek Photography

Shop This Space: Living Room

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1.  Two Cushion Sofa  2. Dundee Natural  3. Swivel Chair  4. Inner Lines in Mist  5. Britania Coffee Table  6. Jute Ticking Rug in Natural  7. Accent Chair  8. Flanders Coal

Costa Mesa, CA

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A casual living store where indoor and outdoor spaces are reflective of one another. Outdoor fabrics, organic palettes, and natural wicker inspired everything about our look. Quality is key, style is important but should be functional, but still coming home to fresh and hip, traditional and warm, cozy and coastal or whatever it is that makes your home – home.

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