Fall Wreath Contributed by Laura Putnam

PHOTO: Laura Putnam

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Feathers and Lavender


Fall makes us reach into our storage and pull out wreaths to display proudly on our front doors to greet guests and over our mantels to let people know the holiday season is here. This year, try a new approach on a traditional wreath by incorporating wood slices for a rustic modern look. Adhere the slices onto a wreath form to create the foundation and don’t forget to highlight the pieces with imperfections and interesting detail for character. Add a simple arrangement of wheat stalks, dark feathers and dried lavender to breathe life into this piece and feel proud knowing you are the only person on your block with an original piece to welcome the holidays.


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Materials and Tools Needed

• Dry Log      • Chop Saw      • Hot Glue      • Wheat Stalks      • Twine      • Dried Lavender      • Burlap Ribbon

• Feathers      • Pinecones

Wreath StepsPHOTO: Laura Putnam

  1. Slice thin slices from a dry log. We used a chop saw. This one was made with black birch.
  2. Layer them onto a flat wreath form. If this is going to be used indoors, hot glue works fine. However, if it is going to be used outdoors and in a sunny location, use an adhesive for outdoors.
  3. Gather your wheat stalks so that they stagger and fill the space. Tie them together with some twine and cut the ends even. Repeat the same with your dried lavender.
  4. Layer together the wheat and lavender, then begin filling in with feathers. Group together some pinecones and attach them with glue. Fold over pieces of burlap ribbon and glue them behind your grouping. And your wreath is complete!If you would like to see another version of this wreath, you can visit here.

Hudson Valley, NY

Laura, creator of the Finding Home blog, believes that the objects you surround yourself with affect your mood, your outlook, and how you live. Her entertaining and informative blog offers do-it-yourself decor and more. 

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