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A simple human invention that’s been around for centuries, the mirror may just be the most versatile item of home decor ever created. Mirrors so serve many purposes in our lives–often while we don’t even realize it–from the functional to the purely aesthetic. A well-placed mirror adds light to a space by reflecting from existing light sources, adds visual depth and makes small rooms appear larger, and lets you check your hair and makeup before stepping out the door every morning. Designers know that an attractively framed mirror or hanging cluster of mirrors serves as a piece of statement art that can truly ‘make’ a room. It’s not a question of vanity…..humans love and need mirrors! Here at REstyleSOURCE, we love mirrors of all shapes and sizes, and are always happy to follow what’s new & interesting in mirror design trends. Recently we’ve seen a surge in creativity in mirror forms, from outlandish statement frames to simple organic materials and geometric lines, and we couldn’t resist rounding up some of our favorites from among the hundreds of new looks! See below for some styles we spotted in the pages of design magazines and sites, and don’t miss our roundup of REstyle Picks at the end. Get reflective with these chic new looks….you’re sure to find at least one that you love!


GTL Cercle
Photo c/o Lushome.com

Find sources for CERCLE SOCIAL MIRROR….

GTL Salinger
Photo c/o ElleDecor.com

Find sources for SALINGER MIRROR….

GTL Pixley
Photo c/o Woodson & Rummerfield

Find sources for PIXLEY MIRROR….

GTL Ornate
Photo c/o ElleDecor.com

Find sources for ORNATE MIRROR….

GTL Bee Hive
Photo c/o Designersraum.com

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More Mirrors We Love

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