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Sometimes the most elegant results can stem from doing the simple activities we loved so much as little ones–cutting & folding sheets of paper! When challenged to create a DIY centerpiece for a spring floral-themed party, Sweet Laurel turned to these basic kids’ crafts and elevated them to new levels of style to create this custom paper floral garland.

Rummaging through her stash of supplies, Laurel decided on some gorgeously patterned Kitchen Papers® by Hester & Cook for their elegant designs and heavy, easy-to-fold texture. Designed to be table runners and serving papers, this line of papers can do so much more, from gift wrapping to photo backdrops to intricate craft projects–there’s almost no limit to what can be done with paper this lovely! We think you’ll agree, the combination of creativity and inspired design in these DIY paper flowers is a match made in heaven.

Jessica Downey

 PHOTO: Jessica Downey

Recognize these flowers?

These gorgeous DIY paper flowers were a showstopping centerpiece at FOUND‘s Local Love in Bloom Event!


PHOTO: Jessica Downey


  • Decorative paper (this tutorial uses a variety of Kitchen Papers by Hester & Cook; scrapbook paper from the craft store also looks great mixed in with these, so have fun picking out a whole range of colors and designs!)
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape or masking tape

Accordion Flower

1.Take a circle of paper (either cut one from a sheet, or use something that’s already a perfect circle, like the gold-patterned Serving Papers used for the flowers in Laurel’s garland) and fold it three times (in half, in half again, and in half one more time).

2.Unfold the circle.

Accordion Flower A

Photo: Sweet Laurel

3. Arrange the pleats so that they are in alternating directions, like an accordion.

4.Grab flower by the center, hold as you gently pull the edges outward to fan out the flower shape.

Accordion Flower B

Photo: Sweet Laurel
Cone Flower

1. Take a circle of paper (another great use for Hester & Cook’s adorable Serving Paper Packs) and a pair of scissors. Cut a spiral shape in the circle that is more narrow towards the outside and gets wider toward the center. It doesn’t need to be a perfect spiral, uneven edges are perfectly okay and will look more natural!

2. Begin rolling the paper into a cone shape, starting at the outside of the spiral and working your way in.

Cone Flower A

Photo: Sweet Laurel

3. Once you have rolled up all the paper, your flower should resemble a cone. Let the outer edges of the spiral ‘relax’ and unravel a bit (you can help them by pulling gently on the edges) while the inner part of the spiral stays tightly rolled.

Cone Flower B

Photo: Sweet Laurel
Tiered Flower

1. To make this darling three-tiered flower , begin with three squares of paper in three different sizes. You don’t need to measure this exactly, just make sure that they are ‘small, medium & large’ when compared to each other.

2. Fold each square across the middle to form a triangle, then in half again, and in half one more time, as shown. Take scissors and trim the triangle into a rounded petal shape, just like in the photo.

Tiered Flower A

Photo: Sweet Laurel

3. Unfold each square, which should now resemble a basic flower shape. Take a pencil or drinking straw and roll each petal gently around it, so that the petals will hold a curved shape.

4. Cut out a circle of paper. Stick each tier of the flowers together with a small piece of double-sided tape or a loop of masking tape, finishing with the circle of paper in the very center.

Tiered Flower B

Photo: Sweet Laurel

Now that you have a variety of paper flowers (in as many different colors, patterns and textures of paper as you like!), you can choose how to display them. Attaching many flowers to a piece of flexible wire to form a garland or wreath is a lovely way to use your flowers…..use masking tape and attach the wire to the underside of each flower. You can even cut extra ‘leaf’ shapes out of the same paper and make your garland or wreath extra full and festive. Let your imagination run wild!

DIY Paper Flowers

PHOTO: Sweet Laurel

Phoenix, AZ

Laurel Morley is a writer, photographer and recipe developer currently living in Phoenix, AZ. At her blog, Sweet Laurel, she explores a passionate quest to understand the intersection of experience and food, finds beauty in the mundane, and loves all things fresh, local and seasonal.

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