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Welcome to Design Love Wednesday! From interior designers to DIY blogs, visual artists and more, the REstyleSOURCE team has a growing #DesignLove list that we just couldn’t keep to ourselves anymore. We’re going to share a new group of creatives with you every Wednesday on Instagram, so don’t forget to follow us over there @restylesource, if you don’t already. Now, on to the design love!


Our team discovered the work of Tennessee painter Deann Hebert a while back, and we have to admit, we can’t stop thinking about it! In fact, we did an interview with her not long ago, which was a great window into her sweet personality and creative process. Deann’s painted textures and delicate color palettes are truly one of a kind, visit her Instagram or her portfolio site to see much more!


It would be easy to dismiss the simple drawings of Dallas Clayton as childlike or simple–after all, he’s also a children’s book author–if they weren’t also so profoundly deep. It’s a sneaky kind of depth, though. You’ll find yourself pulled in by the charm of his simple line drawings and text-based art, laughing at their slightly oddball humor…and suddenly you’re hit by a surprisingly philosophical bit of wisdom. His Instagram feed strikes a great balance between these two extremes, so check it out.


Lisa Congdon is a fine artist, illustrator and author whose intricate, colorful designs are lively, organic and layered. Botanical shapes like simple flowers and leaves often bloom across an entire page, and fairytale-like villages spring up everywhere. Keep an eye on her Instagram feed–as well as her blog, the very aptly-named Today Is Going to be Awesome–for a daily dose of color and whimsy!


Jessica Rowe’s watercolors at The Aestate are gorgeous washes of deeply saturated jewel tones, taking the form of luscious tropical leaves, succulent cactus leaves, lipsticked pouts and other iconic images. Best of all, for anyone who’s ever wanted to watch an artist in motion, she often posts mini-videos of her painting hand at work. Watch her organic shapes take form on her Instagram gallery and discover your new favorite artist, all at the same time!

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