Cross Stitch My Heart DIY

Cross Stitch My Heart Card

A Message from the Heart

While most people say that the best things in life are free (and the second best are very expensive), we would be willing to wager that some of the best things in life are also handmade. That being said, while we’ve seen some adorable Valentine’s Day cards this year (see our REstyle product picks to shop some of them locally!), one of our very favorites has been this handcrafted Cross Stitch my Heart Card by Sweet Laurel. Gifts always mean more when they come from the heart, so surprise the one you love this year with a homemade card. You could even make this with the littles to surprise a loved one with! Either way, we’re sure the recipient is bound to love it as much as you’ll love making it. See full material list and instructions below.

Cross Stitch My Heart DIY

PHOTO: Sweet Laurel

Cross Stitch Card Materials:

  • Blank notecard (or heavy paper or cardstock to make your own)
  • scissors
  • paper
  • tape
  • pencil
  • sharp pin
  • large blunt-tipped needle
  • yarn

Cross Stitch My Heart DIY

PHOTO: Sweet Laurel
DIY Instructions:
  1. Print out a template for a heart in a grid pattern (a great, free one can be found here), or lightly sketch out your own in pencil on a sheet of lightweight paper. Cut to fit a small, blank notecard, and tape in place. Using sharp pin, make a small hole at the corner of each square on the grid. Remove template.
  2. Using large, blunt-tipped needle, go back once over each small hole and make it large enough for your yarn. Genius move: the small holes you poked first with your sharp pin will help keep the notecard from ripping! Thread your yarn through the needle and begin sewing in an ‘X’ pattern.
  3. Continue sewing in an X pattern until all holes have been covered and your heart takes shape!
  4. To finish, flip to the back of the card and tie off ends securely. Snip the yarn close to the knot, and you’re ready to give your heart away!

Cross Stitch My Heart DIY

PHOTO: Sweet Laurel
Cross Stitch My Heart DIY
PHOTO: Sweet Laurel

Phoenix, AZ

Laurel Morley is a writer, photographer and recipe developer currently living in Phoenix, AZ. At her blog, Sweet Laurel, she explores a passionate quest to understand the intersection of experience and food, finds beauty in the mundane, and loves all things fresh, local and seasonal.

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