Chalkboard Calendar by REstyle Contributor Thistlewood Farm

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PHOTO: Thistlewood Farm

Create your own chalkboard calendar

The New Year is here! Welcome 2013 by creating this fun project. A custom  calendar can be used year after year, and will be a beautiful and helpful addition to your home.

KariAnne Wood is a REstyle Scout. She blogs at Thistlewood Farm

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Materials and tools needed
  • Old Windowpane, Glass Removed
  • 1/2 in Sheet of Plywood, Sized to Fit Pane
  • 1 x 2 in Wood Boards [for frame]
  • Chalkboard Paint, Nails
  • Glue + Burlap [optional]



Clean an old windowpane and remove any leftover glass. (Antique shops and Architectural salvage yards are a great place to find old window panes). If you don’t have an old windowpane, create one using extra 1 x 2 in boards in a grid shape.

PHOTO: Thistlewood Farm

step two

Cut the plywood to the size of the panes. Paint the plywood with chalkboard paint. Let dry, then nail the frame to the painted plywood.


STEP three

Remove outside edge of the windowpane [so the pane looks like a tic-tac-toe board]. Create a new frame by cutting the 1 x 2 in boards to fit around your chalkboard.

PHOTO: Thistlewood Farm


Paint the days of the week on separate pieces of wood. Glue each to the top. [optional] Create a small burlap bag to hold your chalk. Cut 2 small squares of burlap. Sew 3 sides together, flip inside out, and thread a bit of string at the top to make a drawstring to close your bag. Voila!

PHOTO: Thistlewood Farm


PHOTO: Thistlewood Farm

Can’t find a window pane?

Skip the windowpane and simply nail the 1 x 2 inch wood frame around the painted sheet of plywood. Draw in the lines to the calendar yourself, or use as a regular chalkboard, the possibilities are endless!

Thistlewood Farm is about family and tortoises and burlap and shutters and twirly whirly skirts and pancakes and Lee Press-On-Nails and little pieces of paper. From gardening tips to inspirational messages to quirky projects, this incredible blog will have you hooked at the first click.

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