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One of our favorite trends spotted at AmericasMart Atlanta‘s January 2016 market was an unlikely combination of slick modern resin with textured materials like natural wood and crushed glass. The juxtaposition of solid wood next to deep pools of resin (with embedded glass catching the light, they appear almost like layers of quartz crystal or natural reservoirs of water) is somewhat otherworldy, and strangely beautiful. Gold leaf flakes seem to flutter like snow inside blocks of jet-black acrylic vases and furniture at the Phillips Collection, like something from a dark and whimsical fairy tale. Gorgeous, twisted pieces of fire-blasted wood are perfectly encased at Made Goods and made into unique lamps and table accessories, each one standing like a magically frozen moment in time. This look feels inspired by high end contemporary art gallery style, yet the warmth of the organic materials make these pieces feel cozy enough to adorn a residential, lived-in space. Our REstyleSOURCE trend spotters think this crystalline look is here to stay! Want to incorporate this contemporary style into your own surroundings? See our REstyle Picks below for some examples to get you started…


Made GoodsPhoto: Laurel Morley for REstyleSOURCEIMG_1309Photo: Laurel Morley for REstyleSOURCE

Resin StoolOne of the most fun applications of this trend that we found was this object we spotted at Made Goods, an entire antique stool encased in a perfect resin cube–the ultimate meeting of rustic antique and slick modern finish!

Phillips CollectionPhoto: Laurel Morley for REstyleSOURCE

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