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Interview with Teresa Wilson of Camelback Flowershop

Nestled among the historic orange groves of Phoenix’s Arcadia District sits a charming little space called Camelback Flowershop. Like a tiny wonderland of color and petals, within its doors are piles and armloads of every kind of flower imaginable, being turned into custom floral arrangements for weddings, homes and businesses by the shop’s small but dedicated floral team (hint: Want a sneak peek? Their Instagram feed, @camelbackflowershop, is a visual feast of daily inspiration). Teresa Wilson, the shop’s owner, believes that there’s no greater shopping experience than the one you experience with all your senses wide open–especially true with fresh flowers!–and that supporting local makers is the best way to become an active and vital part of the community. Because of this, Camelback Flowershop is not only a wonderful place to pick up a floral bouquet or succulent arrangement, but also Phoenix-made soaps, candles, original artwork by local artists, goat’s milk caramels from a nearby farm, and so many more sweet little treats. REstyleSOURCE sat down with Teresa to get some background on the past and future of this charming flower shop.

When did you open your store? I opened Camelback Flowershop in 2003, and we moved to our new location in November of 2014.


Camelback Flower ShopPhoto: Richard Douglas

What do you love about owning your own business? What do you think is the most challenging aspect of the business? The thing I love most about owning my own business is the freedom to invent. Every day and every season is a little different. Also, I love my team. I love having a business where I can provide a space for these individuals to design and create. The most challenging and also the most rewarding part is striving to keep my brand at the forefront of this dynamic industry. It’s something that I have to work on every single day so that it never becomes stagnant.


Camelback Flower ShopPhoto: Richard Douglas

Every time someone comes into my shop I want them to be surprised and inspired.


Camelback Flower ShopPhoto: Richard Douglas

We’re all about local shopping! What, in your opinion, sets the brick & mortar experience apart from online shopping? Online shopping definitely has it’s benefits but there is nothing quite like popping into a shop and having your senses come alive with all the new sights, scents and textures. Plus, there is someone there to introduce you to new and interesting possibilities! It’s the perfect environment to discover something new.


Camelback Flower ShopPhoto: Richard Douglas

What are some of your favorite products in the shop? My favorite products in the shop right now are our signature gift boxes, which are packed with local Arizona products! Each includes a sweet floral arrangement or potted succulent, and they also come full of the best chocolate money can buy, farmstead goat milk caramels, candles made with beautiful essential oils, and more. These are a favorite for local deliveries and we have also been shipping them throughout the U.S.


Camelback Flower ShopPhoto: Richard Douglas

What inspires you? Any trends out there right now that you love…or anything you love that you’d like to see BECOME a trend? When I travel to other cities I notice that fresh flowers are in most every restaurant and on most every bedside table and I would love to see that in Arizona too! Making gorgeous, fresh flowers more accessible to everyone is one reason we offer our ‘Fresh Flower Happy Hour’ every Friday. Every Friday afternoon (except on holidays) from 1 to 6 pm we offer all our fresh flowers in the cooler at half price. This includes loose stems as well as our signature floral designs.


Camelback Flower ShopPhoto: Richard Douglas

What’s in the future for Camelback Flower Shop? We have been building a new website and online store, which will launch at the end of September (in the mean time, click here to check out their current site)!


Camelback Flower ShopThe shop’s gallery wall, featuring assorted works by local artists // Photo: Richard Douglas

Teresa’s Favorite Quote?

CFSthere is peaceful.

there is wild.

i am both at the same time.

-Nayyirah Waheed

Camelback Flower ShopPhoto: Blue Stitch Photography

Phoenix, Arizona

(602) 840-4646

Our same day flower delivery, custom bridal bouquets, unique wedding arrangements along with a plethora of additional floral services are comprised of only the freshest and most exquisite flowers from South America, Holland, Germany and New Zealand (to name a few). When these blooms are paired with hand-picked vessels... delicious arrangements arise. Amongst the historic orange groves of Phoenix’s Arcadia District, adorned with charm and authenticity, nestles Camelback Flowershop. Our refined blend of knowledgeable service and impeccable craft and commitment has earned it loyalty and respect throughout Arizona and especially within the greater Phoenix area.

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