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Brittany Hayes Monroe, GA

Interview with Brittany Hayes of Addison’s Wonderland

Welcome to our new series of Designer Spotlights, focusing on the group of top bloggers and designers who will bring to life the Vignette Gallery Exhibition at AmericasMart beginning in July 2017. This summer market, the theme of the exhibition looks ahead to 2018 with the theme “The Great Reset: Redefining How We Live, Design and Do Business.” A select group of creatives will explore four trend forecast themes using their favorite furnishings and accessories sourced from the market. The first of our designers to be featured is…Brittany Hayes! This dynamic designer is the voice behind Addison’s Wonderland, and is a self-described “wife, mommy, designer, dreamer, doer and now a blogger with a degree in residential design and an obsession with anything and everything full of color and pattern.” A self-starting entrepreneur who has appeared on Shark Tank, Brittany’s designs are colorful and full of whimsy and life…we can’t wait to see the wonderland she creates for her vignette! REstyleSOURCE recently chatted with Brittany, in a brief Q&A which will not only give our readers some background on her design philosophy, but also what they can expect to see from her vignette at AmericasMart Atlanta in July…

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Photo c/o Addison’s Wonderland

How did you get started in the world of blogging? Which came first for you, blogging or interior design? Addison’s Wonderland began in 2011 as my own children’s bedding company, which I created after designing my daughter Addison’s “big girl” room. After appearing on Shark Tank in 2013, my company started receiving lots of buzz and my social media and website traffic soared. Several months after our episode aired, I decided to take a step back from my bedding business on focus on my new baby girl and our home renovation project. After posting some sneak peeks of our renovations on my Addison’s Wonderland social media, I started getting swamped with questions about paint colors and product sourcing. I then decided to turn AW into a blog until I decided whether or not to return to bedding manufacturing. My blog quickly took off and I haven’t looked back!

What inspires your creativity? I am inspired by bold colors and the layering of patterns and color. Whether it’s in a outfit or in nature, I am always drawn to beautiful palettes and inspiring designs.


Photo c/o Addison’s Wonderland

Brittany’s Favorite Quote…”To be nobody-but-yourself–in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everyone else–means to fight the hardest battle any human can fight; and never stop fighting.”

–e. e. cummings

Photos c/o Addison’s Wonderland


Designer Notes: Inspiration

How will your vignette explore the darkly glamorous “Nocturne” theme?  I was drawn to this theme because I love creating dramatic interiors. I am not afraid of dark colors and patterns and I love combining a variety of textures. I hope to create this style through dramatic lighting and a variety of luxurious textiles and bold patterns.

2017 Trends in this Theme

Here are some trends the REstyle team has been tracking that we can’t wait to see expressed in this theme:

  • Dark metallics (pewter, bronze, copper)
  • Deconstructed florals
  • Crystal, glass & minerals
  • Angular, geometric forms
Photos c/o Addison’s Wonderland

Brittany’s Must-See AmericasMart Showrooms

BH showrooms

Regina Andrew  |  Surya  |  Currey & Co.  |  Aidan Gray

Designer Tips on shopping the market?

“When I visit the Mart, I always make a short list of companies I want to visit and then window shop those floors first. From there, I go to floors exhibiting items I know I need and haven’t found yet during my earlier store visits.”

Photos c/o Addison’s Wonderland

AW5Finally, any style or entertaining tips for us?

“Every single space or tablescape I design always starts with a source of inspiration. My personal design inspiration tends to come first from wallpaper, lighting or fabric. I find that the market is slightly more limited with wallpaper and fabric than, say, chair design or paint colors for example, so I start my designs there.”

Photos c/o Addison’s Wonderland

Up Close & Personal with the Designer

Coffee or Tea? Coffee  /  Salty or Sweet? Sweet  /  City or Country? City  /  Cats or Dogs? Cats  /  Hunt for Antiques or Buy New? New  /  Text or Phone Call? Text  /  Night Owl or Early Riser? Night Owl  /  Linen or Silk? Linen


Read the Book or See the Movie? Read the Book  /  Luxury Hotel or Camping Trip? Camping Trip  /  Home Cooked Meal or Fancy Restaurant? Fancy Restaurant

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