Brighten Up A Bookshelf colorful DIY projects

PHOTO: David Mills

easy projects to brighten up your bookshelves

We used YOLO Colorhouse paints as our inspiration when accessorizing this modern bookshelf. Our goal was to find a unique way to fill a bookcase with colorful accessories on a budget. These DIY projects are so simple to do just using supplies found at your local craft shop and grocer!

We hit up our local thrift shop for old books and painted them to fit our color scheme. These painted books create a perfect filler to add height and interest to the bookcase. Simply paint the outside covers in bright colors to add some POP. There are so many variations to this project, the possibilities are endless. It would be fun to add polka dots or stripes for some added whimsy to a child’s bookshelf. Painting a set in a solid color could also create a dramatic statement.

A creative way to fill glass decanters or jars is to make your own thread or yarn spools. We have done this with twine, ribbon and yarn to achieve different looks.  Pick up some wooden pins or spools at your local craft store and wind your thread or yarn around them. It is an easy way to create inexpensive filler.

For under $5 we made our own colorful embellished candles by winding thick yarn around tall candles picked up at the local grocer. Add buttons or embellishments for an added touch.

Bookshelf Before

Bookshelf Before

PHOTO: David Mills

Materials and Tools Needed

  • Sponge Paint Brushes
  • Paint
  • Yarn, Twine or String
  • Miniature Wooden Spools or Pins
  • Tall Candles in Glass

Let's Paint
PHOTO: David Mills

lets paint

We used crafting sponge brushes (found at your local craft shop) to paint our bookcovers. Although you can paint the entire book, we found that if you paint only the cover, back and spine, you can avoid warping.

Finished Books
PHOTO: David Mills

Color Inspiration

Color Inspiration

Yarn Candle
PHOTO: David Mills


These yarn wrapped candles were a piece of cake to put together. Simply wind the yarn around the glass cylinder until the candle is completely covered. Tie it off and dab a little hot glue to secure the yarn knot in place. You can even create multiple layers of colors for a variation as well giving the candle a striped effect. This project is great for an inexpensive centerpiece and looks great when done in multiples combined with different sized candles and votives.

Yarn Candle Finished
PHOTO: David Mills

Finished Project

Finished Bookshelf

PHOTO: David Mills

Bookshelf Closeups
PHOTO: David Mills

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