Bridal Shower Crafty Ideas

PHOTO: Dusty Lu

Cheerful Refinement


Hosting a special gathering is a wonderful opportunity to be creative. For Tania, taking inspiration from the wonderful elements of the season and incorporating them into the celebration is part of the fun and why she loves to throw parties for friends and family. From the invitation to the decoration, flowers and food, every detail of this shower had a unique touch that Tania incorporated in unexpected ways.

For her friend and bride-to-be Emma, Tania wanted the celebration to reflect girly elegance and cheerful refinement – all the things she thought of when thinking of Emma. Of course, Union Jack was a must because the couple was not only British, their family name would now be “King.” Delighted by the idea of king and queen, Tania planned a regal, yet vintage event that was a cross between an English tea and garden party. But while planning is helpful, part of the magic comes from being whisked away in creativity and seeing how it all comes together in the end. In this case Tania was wonderfully surprised by the final look, proud that she created a beautiful celebration for someone she adored and couldn’t wait to cherish these great memories.

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Come in! Chalkboard
PHOTO: Dusty Lu

PHOTO: Dusty Lu

Drinks & Gifts

A party must have a signature drink and in this case, two. Playing up the theme of a bridal shower and royalty, Tania served guests two cocktails: “The Blushing Bride” and “Lady Earl Gray.” Premixed and ready to go, these drinks chilled nicely in monogrammed lemonade bottles and even made a great gift for Emma.

Flowers and Lights
PHOTO: Dusty Lu

A New Vase

To add a bit of English elegance, Tania replaced traditional vases with vintage teapots, cups and tins. Such a simple change, but with huge returns. It was not only clever, it was functional and truly captured the essence of tea and garden parties.

PHOTO: Dusty Lu

Peti fours
PHOTO: Dusty Lu

The Details

Decor is simply the icing on the cake. All the details and time it takes is definitely worth the effort and Tania knew this, so she reached out to her talented friend and artist Rosemary to create a fabulous banner and a “Queen of Hearts” crown for Emma to wear. To top it off, Tania used new skills to create chalkboards filled with wonderful messages; her favorite was a verse from a Christina Perri song, which Neill used when he proposed to Emma.

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