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Brian Patrick Flynn Atlanta, GA

Interview with Brian Patrick Flynn of Flynnside Out Productions

Introducing the third in our series of Designer Spotlights focusing on the seven top national designers who will be featured at AmericasMart’s Portman White Vignette Gallery…..Brian Patrick Flynn! Brian is an Atlanta-area designer and the creative director behind Flynnside Out Productions, whose high-energy wit and personality are evident in every one of his playfully layered, vibrant designs. REstyleSOURCE approached Brian with a simple Q & A to get to know the designer a little better, and received the following quirky, hilarious responses to our simple questions…a great window into this designer’s creative playground. Readers, get to know the colorful, ‘Flynnside out’ world of Brian Patrick Flynn!

How did you get started in the world of interior design? Oh, that same old cliché story you’ve heard seventeen-thousand-and-forty times: Started my career as a TV news producer and then helped out on a home remodeling series as an art department production assistant–learned all there was to know about materials and building applications along the way–then started decorating behind the scenes until the executives hired me to do their own homes and made me semi-internet famous…and when I say semi-internet famous, I mean I got 27 likes one time on Facebook!


Brian Patrick FlynnPhoto c/o

What inspires you? Whose work inspires you? Thomas O’Brien. I love a classic, collected all-American look and Thomas O’Brien epitomizes that.

Brian’s Other Influences?

“Landscapes. I would have to say that landscapes inspire me.

And Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s hair and fashion. I would have to say that both landscapes and the famous actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt inspire me equally.”


Brian Patrick FlynnPhoto c/o

What was the inspiration behind your Portman White Design vignette? INTENSITY! I’ve been playing with lighter tones lately such as pastels and tons of blue-grey, so when I was asked to use Portman White–and go all crazy and stuff with it–I was like, “Ooh, I’m throwing a bold color party and everyone in the spectrum is invited!”, and things of that nature.


Brian Patrick FlynnPhoto c/o

Brian’s Design Mantra? More is More is More!

 BPF“I like everything and I am all about ‘more is more’, and then I edit like crazy once I have all my pieces out of their boxes and in the same spot!”

Brian Patrick FlynnPhoto c/o

Really, though, what is your best designer advice for the rest of us? Here is my best designer tip to the entire universe: Give all of your money to interior designers like me so we can make a $20K budget look like a $120K budget and save you a ton of headaches down the road. Also, you should always brush your teeth and floss regularly and be nice to everyone, and never leave mean comments on design blogs.


Brian Patrick FlynnPhoto c/o

Designing with white can be the ultimate challenge! What are some tips or hints to keep in mind when designing in an all-or-mostly white palette? Those people that think white is easy or boring need to check themselves immediately! White is TOUGH. You’ve gotta turn up the texture factor, layer like there is no tomorrow, and then introduce a plethora of shapes to get it right. I also think art is massive in nailing white rooms. When I see all white walls, I immediately wanna go hyper color with my art and rugs. But then again, I consider hot pink and violet to be neutral so there’s that.


Brian Patrick FlynnPhoto c/o

Brian’s Advice for a Well-Designed Life?

“Spend your money on great art, sturdy furniture with classic lines, and then just play high-low for everything in between. And always brush your teeth.”

Brian Patrick FlynnPhoto c/o

Brian’s Favorite AmericasMart Showrooms

Brian Patrick FlynnPhoto c/o

REstyleSOURCE Loves Local!

We are all about ‘loving local’—from designers and manufacturers right down to brick & mortar shops and eateries! What are some of your favorite local shops and restaurants to visit when you’re in Atlanta?

victory“I love Pieces in Buckhead for all things vintage and mid-century, and I’m a huge fan of Decades Antiques on Cheshire Bridge. As far as food goes, I’m at Victory Sandwich Bar (see insert at left) in Inman Park four times a week, and if I am not there, I am at Yeah! Burger four times a week…and if I am not at either of those places, I am probably just not very hungry.”


Brian Patrick FlynnPhoto c/o

Okay: Lightning Round time!

Coffee or Tea? Tea / Salty or Sweet? Sweet / Beach or Mountains? Mountains

City or Country? Country /Cats or Dogs? I like dogs very, very much and I have two of them. / Beer or Wine? Neither. I drink milkshakes, although they don’t bring anyone to my yard like that song suggests.


Brian’s Favorite Quote?

itsy bitsy“I find the overall lyrics and perseverance story behind The Itsy Bitsy Spider to sum up everything about life and the overall human experience.”

Atlanta, GA


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