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Betsey Mosby Jackson, MS

Interview with Betsey Mosby of Betsey Mosby Interior Design

Welcome to a brand new series of Designer Spotlights, focusing on the group of top designers who will bring to life the Diamonds of Design Vignette Exhibition at AmericasMart beginning in January 2017. In celebration of AmericasMart’s sixtieth anniversary, this select group of designers will bring to life their most inspiring design moments, eras and lifestyles of the last 60 years using their favorite finds from the market. The first of our designers to be featured is…Betsey Mosby! This artistically-inclined designer actually began her career as a CPA before giving it up to follow her passion into interior design. Betsey now runs a successful design studio in Jackson, Mississippi, and makes frequent trips to market to source unique finds for her clients. REstyleSOURCE recently chatted with Betsey, in a brief Q&A which will not only give our readers some background on her design philosophy, but also what they can expect to see from her Diamonds of Design Vignette at AmericasMart Atlanta in January…


Betsey Mosby Portfolio 3
Photo c/o Betsey Mosby

How did you get started in the world of interior design? I was actually a CPA with a big four accounting firm right out of college but always knew I wanted to do design. My parents were smart to encourage me to get a business background first, then pursue design if I was still interested in it. I’m grateful they did that, as my accounting days have proven so helpful in running my own company. I interned for a few designers in college, and was able to transition into the field while working for a commercial real estate client for whom I provided project budgeting and simultaneously consulted on interior specifications–maybe the only hybrid job in the world for accounting & design! I fell in love with design all over again and began the necessary coursework in CAD and so on to educate myself to take interior design from passion to career. I’ve never looked back!


Betsey Mosby Portfolio 1Photo c/o Betsey Mosby

What inspires your creativity? My clients inspire my work; seeing what they love and the things that they surround themselves with are always my springboard when designing their homes. I try to intuit what they really want and not impose my vision before doing that. It’s not necessarily my style that they are after, it’s their own style that I try to achieve, which requires a different creative path for each project. I have every back issue of Domino Magazine, House Beautiful and Traditional Home and have dogeared those for years. Pinterest, also, is such a helpful tool to illustrate ideas to clients, or to see the architectural styles and things that they are drawn to as well. There is almost always a common theme among the things that they pin–whether it be a detail repeated or an era or style they seem to identify with. We try to find the common thread that they love and illustrate that in their homes in new and different ways. I also love to travel and the details that I notice while traveling always end up making their way back into my design. It’s so interesting how design is interpreted differently in different parts of the country and world, and it’s most inspirational to appreciate those differences.


Betsey Mosby Portfolio 6Photo c/o Betsey Mosby

Betsey’s Favorite Quote…”We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.”

– Goethe

Betsey Mosby Portfolio 7Photo c/o Betsey Mosby

Designer Notes: Inspiration

JackieDiamonds of Design will focus on style standouts of the last 60 years. Which design icon, style or era from the last 60 years particularly inspires you? Lee Radziwell and Jackie Kennedy are my style icons! They are so different, with Jackie being the epitome of a classic traditional style where Lee is more of a trendsetter, but each of them had such a timeless style. I feel like you could pick out a picture of them on the street in New York in the 1960s or 70s and put them right back on Fifth Avenue today in the exact same outfits…they’d still be the best dressed pair!

What was the inspiration behind your vignette? I will be doing a dining vignette, with Jackie Kennedy and her “Camelot” era as the inspiration.

Betsey Mosby Portfolio 4Photo c/o Betsey Mosby

Betsey’s Must-See AmericasMart Showrooms?

BM showrooms

jdouglas | Tritter Feefer | Modern History | Made Goods

“My first stop is always jdouglas, where so many of my favorite lines–like Arteriors and Worlds Away–are represented in one place. I also can’t ever miss Up Country, Elegant Earth, Currey and Company and Europe2You.”

“Undoubtedly, though, we will always find the most special things in the High Design Temporaries. Nancy Price is is a great friend with a superb eye, and one of our favorite stops here; even though she is local to Jackson, her market displays are always full of new and different things we haven’t seen before. I was also so excited to peruse the new ANTIQUES portion of the market this past July, which highlighted so many dealers that we already shopped with and introduced us to new exceptional talent as well. I can’t wait to shop that section even more as it evolves and am thrilled that AmericasMart has added this amazing resource.”

Designer Tips on shopping the market?

“Make a list of your go-to showrooms and knock them out floor by floor. Also, make appointments with your reps to make sure you can write orders quickly and smoothly. Make sure to leave plenty of time to hit up the temporaries and the antiques center–in fact, we normally devote our first day to these stops. One of a kinds are gone QUICKLY so you need to make plans to see them first!”

Photos c/o Betsey Mosby

BCREstyleSOURCE Loves Local

We are all about ‘loving local’—from designers and manufacturers right down to local brick & mortar shops and eateries! What are some of your favorite local shops and restaurants to visit when you’re in Atlanta?
My first stops in Atlanta are always Bungalow Classic (seen at left) and Mrs. Howard–each store does such amazing job of merchandising and it’s so inspirational to drop in. I almost always find something I can’t live without for my own home not to mention tons of goodies for clients! I also can’t ever miss going in Pieces by Lee Kleinhelter and always pick up one of her amazing candles while I’m there…a must-see when you’re in town. Atlanta is also full of amazing art resources, so we also always stop by the Gregg Irby Gallery, Pryor Fine Art and Spalding Nix to find the perfect piece for our clients. And of course we have favorite antique and rug dealers we can’t miss seeing when in town as well. After a long day of shopping we love to end the day at St. Cecilia, King + Duke or JCT Kitchen for cocktails and a great meal!

Betsey Mosby Portfolio 5Photo c/o Betsey Mosby

Up Close & Personal With the Designer

Coffee or Tea? Coffee, always!  /  Salty or Sweet? Salty  /  Beach or Mountains? Beach  /  City or Country? City  /  Text or Phone Call? Phone Call  /  Cats or Dogs? DOGS


Night Owl or Early Riser?  Night Owl AND early riser these days–I have a 1 year old!  /  Yoga or Salsa Dancing? Yoga  /  Read the Book or See the Movie? Read the book  /  Kindle or Hardcover? Hardcover (but Kindle, unfortunately, is easier sometimes)  /  Luxury Hotel or Camping Trip? Luxury hotel  /  Home Cooked Meal or Fancy Restaurant? Fancy restaurant

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